2016 ABC Charity Auction Raises $4,600 for
LifeNets Projects in Brazil

Posted May 5, 2016

On Sunday evening, April 3, 2016, the current class of student held the annual ABC Charity Auction. Nearly one hundred church members attended to bid on a wide variety of donated items in a silent auction and various deserts in an energetic live auction. Late donations continue coming in, but so far more than $4, 600 from this event will go to support Life Nets programs in Brazil, particularly a new youth camp and scholarships. The program was very successful.

The entertainment for the auction was “Ambassador’s Got Talent.” A game show format brought audience members forward to “spin the wheel of auction” to learn which performance or skit would appear next. The show included music acts, skits, humorous commercials and “Ambassador Ninja Warrior.”

Organizing and presenting the charity auction is the largest activity that each ABC class puts on. While it takes a great deal of work, the benefits go far beyond just raising money for a good cause. The students strengthen their relationships, their skills, and their character in the process of overcoming the many challenges involved in project like this. In some ways it is similar to the large formal dances held at Ambassador College in decades past—only rather than being just for the students, the Charity Auction also benefits the recipient charity.