2nd Annual Boot Scoot in Ft. Worth, Texas
for LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Fund

The 2nd Annual Boot Scoot benefiting the Developing Nations Scholarship Fund was held on January 10th in Fort Worth!  Delicious barbecue beef ribs were served to 100 guests before the silent auction and dance with music generously provided by Soundpost.  The silent auction, raffle, and ticket sales along with separate donations netted approximately $5000 for the scholarship fund.  

Jerry Girard of Dallas commented, "This year's Boot Scoot was a blast!  We were greatly looking forward to the social activity, the delicious beef ribs, the killer music!!!  I really love hearing Soundpost every time!  It's a fantastically fun time, in the name of helping out other people with a good cause, which makes the participation even more rewarding!" 

Plans for 2010 are already underway as the even will be held in the historic Stockyards once again on January 9!  For more information, visit www.bootscoot.org.  See ya next year!

      - Kelli Hogg

PS:  We want to THANK everyone who made this happen, particularly the Hogg family who put a lot of effort, time and resources to make this event happen and SOUNDPOST.  Your generosity and love will send young people to college and give them a life-changing experience they would not have had otherwise. 

MORE SPECIAL THANKS to Lindsey Croft, Jerry and Catherine Girard, Lupe and Joanne Gonzales, Jamie Ott, Michelle Quant, Aaron Amsler, Malinda Hogg, Fred and Sue Whitlark

     - Vic Kubi

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Below are photo memories of the Boot Scoot



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