Livelihood Project in Colombia

Posted May 19, 2015

LifeNets home

On occasion LifeNets still funds livelihood projects. We make certain that they will be successful in that we choose the recipients who have already show skill and diligence in their craft. They need a hand up. We are glad to help after they have done all they can to succeed.

One such example is Oscar Martinez in Colombia. He is a professional carpenter. He started learning this craft when he was very young. At the present, he is very skilled in woodworking and carpentry, and does high quality work.

At this time, he and his family live in very uncomfortable circumstances, because he lacks the tools to have his own workshop. 

At times he has worked as a sub-contractor, but this work is very unpredictable and pays very little.  Therefore, some time ago he decided to work out of his home, and when he had the opportunity, he rented tools and workshop space, but this still proved to be very uncomfortable and ill-compensated. Now, he is planning to expand his services, and have a much more productive workshop incorporating some basic tools, among which are:

LifeNets is funding the jointer surface planer which is used to prepare rough sawn wood into smooth and new condition and a band saw pictured below.


Band Saw

Oscar built a beautiful lectern for church services in Santa Rosa. He thinks that with these two machines, he could open a business and be more productive in providing for his four-member family who are his wife, Rocio, and her two children.  If conditions improved and expanded, he could incorporate an assistant for painting and other finishing. To perform his job and to be able to work from home, he really needs to incorporate these two machines, but he currently lacks the resources to acquire them.

Below are some photos of his handiwork.