Luis Mundo with wife Dora. Dr. Mundo is medical doctor, pastor and LifeNets director for Guatemala.

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Posted December 2, 2005

We are happy to report more LifeNets successes in Guatemala.  Our annual program for Guatemala consists of both scholarships, habitat and livelihood development projects.  It has made a significant difference in the quality of life in a very poor country.  

We consider our scholarship program as one of greatest value because the outcome of an education leads to years of improved work conditions that result in better economic standing, esteem and further value to the community and church. 

For the last period, the livelihood development projects were as follows:

In addition there were 19 students who were given scholarships for a total of $3422.

For the year of 2004, our total support to Guatemala was $7582. 

In these photos we show physiotherapy equipment that LifeNets helped to provide for Miss Consuelo Ramirez Alegria who is a physiotherapist. The equipment includes towels, air mattresses, large ball, two mirrors, thermometer and and mattress.


Below are some of the diplomas and certifications of our 19 students who received scholarships


Dr. Luis Mundo says: Everyone who LifeNets helped in 2004 say "Thank You Very Much." 

The 2005 proposal for projects which we will report on will include

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