Posted August 12, 2004


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The dental clinic that was donated by LifeNets International, Inc. to the United Church of God in El Salvador, Central America in 2001, has been moved from the home of Dr. Herbert Parada to a commercial location in San Salvador.


Dr. Verónica Ruíz graduated in December of 2003 and Dr. Herbert Parada graduates in May of 2004, having successfully defended his thesis in March 2004. A third dental student, Raúl Ramírez, who will graduate in another two years, is also using the equipment.


The new dental clinic is in a residential area near a busy commercial center called MetroCenter, which is the largest shopping mall in Central America. The clinic is actually a house that has been converted into two treatment rooms, a dental laboratory, a reception area, and a waiting room. Two bathrooms serve for equipment storage, instrument sterilization, and darkroom work.


Drs. Herbert and Veronica also each run another clinic of their own, as does student Raúl Ramírez. The house also has the offices of another dentist, a Doctor Gilberto López, who has had his practice there for over ten years. The three are very busy attending patients in their respective clinics and have plans to renovate the house they are now renting. They are very grateful for everything they have received, and in return offer free dental care to members of their Church, charging occasionally only for materials.


This donation has been very beneficial for these three young professionals, as well as for the dozens of people in their Church that they have and continue to help. If any doctor of dentistry who reads this has any equipment or supplies to donate to El Salvador, especially new x-ray equipment and hand-held instruments, please contact LifeNets International, Inc.


Submitted by Barbara de Parada
April 16, 2004



New location with easy access from busy street

Reception room

Dr. Herbert Parada working on USA patient Anthony Reisdorff

The dental office was first set up in the garage of a private home in San Salvador after being transported by container from Houston, Texas.  The entire office was a gift from a retiring dentist in central Pennsylvania. This process was coordinated by dentist Jim Johns and his wife Suzan who organized the professional packing and transport from Pennsylvania to Houston.

The entire office loaded on truck for shipping from Pennsylvania to Houston, Texas in November 2000

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