School Supplies, Shoes and Uniforms for Guatemalan Children

Updated Novermber 24, 2015

LifeNets once again supplies Guaemalan children with $2500 for school supplies and uniforms. Here are some words LifeNets board member Mark Rorem:

I attended the Festival of Tabernacles in Guatemala this year and was able to go over the assistance LifeNets has given in the past two years.  Each year LifeNets has provided $2,500.  The money has been used for school supplies or the type of clothing required to attend public schools (that means shoes, shirts and pants).  In addition, some has been used to purchase food for the lowest income students.  Mr.Robledo reported this week that the result has been a decrease in the drop-out rate and better performance in school.  He hopes LifeNets can continue that yearly contribution in view of the positive results that are being obtained in the youth in the Church.  It is probably very helpful that Mr. Robledo taught teachers in Guatemala until his retirement.  He knows what is needed and where to get it for the best price. 

On another note, just FYI, while I was there, I became aware that a number of children from our congregations suffering from malnutrition.  Some widows are likewise having trouble feeding themselves or buying medicine when needed.  We set up an arrangement for funds to be sent to Mrs. Robledo who will buy food for those in most need (she does not want to give them money since the pressure to spend it on other things is great).  Mrs. Robledo was practically in tears when she asked for help.  Some cases are quite moving.  My daughter, Stephanie, has talked with the young adults (in their ‘20’s) in Oakland and they are putting together a fund raising project to help with this.  A couple of men from other countries who have good incomes compared to those in Guatemala also said they will contribute

-- Mark Rorem


March 8, 2014

LifeNets has supplied school children in Guatemala with $2500 worth of school supplies, uniforms and shoes. The funds came from LifeNets Australia and have made a lot of children happy in the UCG congregations of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala City and San Marcos. LifeNets board member Mark Rorem coordinated this project.

Pastor Sr.Robledo writes the following:’

On behalf of the students and parents of the congregations of the Church in Guatemala, thank you to LifeNets for this valuable contribution to the education of our children and youths.

We focused on providing a bag of complete school supplies.  We used a wholesale bookstore which offered very favorable prices, benefitting 62 students from the pre-primary level to university level.  For the children in most need we also purchased a pair of shoes and uniforms (blouses, vests).

Many thanks and please receive our gratitude.


Jose Israel Robledo Serrano

Muchas Gracias LifeNets!!!