LifeNets in Latin America  

How it Started

April 15, 2000 

LifeNets is launching an aid initiative in Guatemala and El Salvador.  We have been preparing to meet the needs of people who live in very poor conditions. Supporters, providers and fundraisers in the United States and other areas are ready to help with medical and life-sustaining humanitarian needs. We have access to medical equipment, supplies and medicine at greatly reduced rates. We are working on a shipping process. 

Would you like to help? 

Please keep coming back to the Guatemala page for updates. If you would like to donate to the Guatemala Project, please send your tax-deductible donation to

LifeNets - For Guatemala
1227 Woodchase Trl
Batavia, OH 45103

You can reach Vic Kubik at  if you have any questions.

Every dollar contributed will be leveraged many times over and all donations will go towards program items.  

What are the needs of the people in Guatemala? 

In talking to UCG pastor Saul Langarica in the capital Guatemala City he enumerated the following priorities:

"1. For a long time I have wanted to help with putting cement floor on the houses of some of the members whose houses have dirt floors. These houses are not at all big, let say an average of 70 square meters. We have about 15 houses in this condition. My plan has been to buy the materials and then get together with the members of that specific area to help with the work. 

2. Some of the members have had trouble finding work. The church has to help these members providing for them basic needs of food and dress. It is very tight what we can do in this regard. What I would like to do is provide for them some kind of materials for them to generate their own work. I have thought about used sewing machines, used bakery equipment and the like. 

3. We have in Guatemala at this moment five doctors who could help not only in the church but others as well. Our doctors are: Rolando Perez,  Luis Mundo Tello, Milovan Chicas, Carmen Langarica and Patricia Lucas. They would very much like to help in implementing a help program as you could direct them according to your experience. 

Below are some of the sights of the area we will be working in.

Main street in the city of San Antonio de Padua

Looking into a Guatemalan home. 
The courtyard area where cooking 
and work is done.


Colorful Guatemalan Building


The local place to wash clothes

 American School busses are the
 taxi system in Guatemala.

Looking into a Guatemalan home. Courtyard 
area where cooking is done and living 
quarters to the left.



Guatemalan woman and two children.

A view of a volcano

A donkey carrying a load. Note the raw 
sewage running down the street.




The first cash grants are made to help with construction of concrete floors in Guatemala. On May 24, LifeNets sent $800 to pastor Saul Langarica to immediately start the project of installing concrete floors in homes where families live on dirt floors.  This should be sufficient for two floors.  Our goal is to upgrade 15 homes.  

We are pursuing a location on the Gulf of Mexico coast for a container location to send the larger items listed later in this post.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to the Guatemala Project, please send you contribution to

LifeNets - For Guatemala
1227 Woodchase Trl
Batavia, OH 45103