Thank You Cards Come to LifeNets from Central America

April 20, 2002

We have received some heartwarming thank you's from university to grade school students in El Salvador and Guatemala for the scholarship and school supply aid. We thought we'd share some of the cards with you. 

Large poster hand carried back from El Salvador by Leon Walker (March 2002)


Thank you cards from Guatemala children receiving Festival Gifts from southeastern Minnesota churches 

Mr. Herbert Cisneros has just written to me about scholarship program.   Our cost of providing a higher education for 21 students in is about $8000 a year -  TOTAL!!  Where we live you cannot get a college education for ONE person for a year.  We give these students hope for a better life facing a 75% unemployment rate in El Salvador. They are studying dentistry, architecture, accounting, marketing, law, business administration, computer science, education, and more.  What better value could we get for our charitable dollars.

We have nearly exhausted our scholarship fund for the first half of the year that was principally supplied by UCG congregations in Phoenix, Atlanta, North Dakota, Kansas City and North Carolina.

If you would like to help out with a tax-deductible donation for the second half of the school year which starts in May, please send your contribution to

        LifeNets Central
        3707 Turfway Ct.
        Indianapolis, IN 46228