White Shirts Needed for School Children
 in Central and South America

September 9, 2014 -- originally posted April 16, 2001

There is still a tremendous need for white shirts for the Guatemalan school children. As many people already know, Guatemalan children are required to wear white shirts as part of their school uniform. Most people only have one white shirt and owning two is a luxury. So we're pulling together to help fill this need as we gather to collect shirts and send them with those headed for Guatemala and other countries in Central and South America. It is a constant need for those not only in Guatemala, but El Salvador and the rest of Central and South America.

SampleSample of white shirts and blouses

Everyone should just be aware to be on the lookout for white shirts that their children outgrow, at thrift shops, garage sales, neighbors etc. These shirts will be collected throughout the year and then at certain times, when someone is traveling to South America, we can send down a suitcase or two of shirts. If you want to volunteer for this, please email me at vic@kubik.org and let us know that you will be one of the coordinators. Thanks to everyone for helping make a difference in the lives of others.

Requirements for South American shirts (and socks) for boys and girls

  1. Sizes from age 4 to teenagers.
  2. Short Sleeve preferred (but we take long sleeve and they can hem them)
  3. Plain solid white shirt, no stripes, etc. (ruffles okay on girls shirts)
  4. Buttons down the front
  5. Either button down collar or regular collar is okay.
  6. No polo type shirts are allowed
  7. Socks for girls are knee length and white.  
  8. Socks for boys are any length and white.   
  9. All clothing should be in good condition, without any noticeable stains and without soiled collars