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India/Sri Lanka

LifeNets India/Sri Lanka

Mission Statement

Making a Difference  - One at a Time

One Life, One Family, One Village!

Having traveled in India and Sri Lanka since 2009 — we have grown to love and care for the people in this part of the world.
The needs in India & Sri Lanka are many -but together we can make a difference!

Our mission is simple: Giving hope and encouragement by enriching the lives of the people in India & Sri Lanka by first preaching the gospel of the coming Kingdom of God.  We hope to support and encourage believers who are devoted to learning more about their Creator, by supplying study materials, organizing seminars and teaching both young and old God’s way of life.

We also want to support programs where children can be fed, clothed, educated and given opportunities otherwise not available to them.  We see so many needs and as our funds allow, we give assistance to orphans, widows, churches or communities, by giving aid in times of hardship and natural disasters in order to rebuild their lives and strengthen their family, church or village.

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