UPDATED December 24, 2013

SEE photos and report about the the cows purchased so far!! LifeNets representative Larry Darden visited Zambia in November and sends us photo of our cows in Zambia. Pictured on the left is Norman, Daisy, Connie, Honey and Buttercup.






UPDATED November 27, 2013

The latest donation is from Kyle Lussenheide who has donated previously for "Norman." The newest one will be "Snickers."

We are so happy about this project. Cost of heifers is $300 each. Again, we thank all for supporting this program.


Kids who Care

Cows sell for $300 each. Want to buy one in a favorite child's name? You can name the cow. Let us know and we'll make it happen!



How Many Cows?


From Kyle Lussenheide in Southern California   1 Nov 27, 2013 Would like the cow to be named "Snickers"
From Chicago UCG kids organized by Christine Talbott   1 July 30, 2013 Would like the cow to be named "Spot."
From Suzan Johns and 9 grandchildren:Nathan, Sierra, Leah, Morgan, Justin, Jonah, Lauren, Carsyn & Tessa.   1 July 26, 2013 They would like to name the cow "Marybelle".
Suzi and Ted Doss   1 July 24, 2013 Would like to name the cow "Honey"
Children from the Chattanooga/Cleveland, TN UCG congregation.   1 May 30, 2013 Would like to name the cow "Buttercup"
Nancy Muller, Benson, AZ   $100 May 1, 2013  
Dalton (11) and Dinah (8) Davis and sponsors. 11 and 8 $125 March 17, 2013 Would like to name the cow "Connie the Cow"

Kyle Lussenheide

12 $125 March 12, 2012 Would like cow to be named "Norman"
Addison, Zoe, Tori, Coco 10, 8, 5, 3 $125 March 8, 2013 Would like cow to be named "Daisy"
Sydney, Chloe, and Riley Suckling   $125 Dec. 24, 2011  
Tyler Dits  5 $150 Dec 31, 09  
Alyssa Kubik 4 $150 Dec 31, 09  

UPDATED March 9, 2013

Another cow for Zambia! This time from the Illinois. We are happy that 4 children, Addison, Zoe, Tori and Coco saved money from the sale of eggs to buy one heifer for our poor farmers in Zambia! What a wonderful gesture.

UPDATED March 12, 2012

We really appreciate the gift of $125 from 12 year-old Kyle from Southern California. He wants the cow or ox to be called Norman (in honor of the cow from the movie City Slickers). Kyle, we are going to do just that in western Zambia. You will be notified and we hope to get a photo of Norman!

UPDATED January 7, 2012

We received one more donation for a cow from three children - Sydney, Chloe and Riley Suckling.  Thanks, kids!  What a wonderful and thoughtful gift.  We provide cattle for families in Zambia and Kenya currently.

December 31, 2009

LifeNets started providing cattle for Zambians in 2001. There has always been a strong link between children and the cows. Children in the poorest of all countries are the biggest beneficiaries of the cattle.  Cows provide milk, a much-needed and lacking part of their diet.

We are expanding the model of our Zambian cattle program to Kenya and Zimbabwe.  We need your help in stocking the original heifers and bulls.  Would you like to help? You can make a donation with your favorite child in mind. Send your tax-exempt donation to

LifeNets -- Kids for Cows
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