Omaha Kids Caring for Malawi, Africa

Posted July 12, 2012

We received a request from the mother of a young lady, Briana Murphy in Omaha, Nebraska whose school wanted to help some people in Africa with a 25 pound shipment of goods. Since we know of places and people who would be appreciate and benefit from such, we helped arrange the shipping location. The children collected the items and the high school paid the shipping.


Students who helped out


Briana is the girl in the green blouse.

The items were shipped to Blantyre, Malawi and will be distributed there to those who need such items. Malawi is the third poorest country in the world, according to United Nations statistics. LifeNets has actively been working in Malawi by helping with boreholes (wells), clinics and scholarships.

You can read more about our work in Malawi by visiting

Listing of the items shipped:

6 yds fabric
9 pr. Underwear
50 pk glow in the dark stars
2 pr. Reading glasses
Iced tea mix
5 toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss
8 pk kid's lip gloss
2 wide combs
60 colored balloons
Beading wire
Sewing needles
3 pr. Child flip flops
Paper, pens, crayons, pencils, markers
Pencil sharpeners
Water bottles
Kleenex, toilet paper

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