Heartwarming Story of Children Helping Orphaned Children in Ukraine

Posted January 18, 2015

This is really a great story about how children from one family sell eggs to help support LifeNets work in Ukraine at orphanages. I would like to share the report from the mother, Kristine Talbott:

January 3, 2015

Coco & Lucky, who will invite herself into the house or car if we leave the door open

From Kirk and Kristing Talbott in Beach Park, Illinois.

Kirk and Kristine Talbott

Please accept this donation on behalf of

  • Rocky
  • Chick
  • Twister
  • Dash
  • Lucky Tarzan

...and their feathered friends (15 total!)

These "chicks" have been busy laying lots of eggs for the Talbott family. The Talbott kids (Addison, Zoё, Tori, and Coco) take great care of "the girls." They are fed, loved, held, (lots!) and protected by the kids.

The result?

Happy chickens who lay lots of eggs! All the extra eggs are sold and the money saved for LifeNets. This donation is a about a year's worth of saving. ($514.55).

We hope it can be of good use and a blessing to the orphans in Ukraine


Kristine Talbott

Addison teaching Puffy to read

Coco & Lucky, Tori & Tarzan, Zoё & Rocky, Addison & Polish the Roo

Dash- she's a real talker and a sweet girl all around

Grandma Greenie - she almost died of frostbite last year and was attacked by dogs but survived them both!

Tori & her favorite hen, Lucky

Bar code QR Code - We can't tell them apart either


Inside the Hen House - the smallest hens (white Leghorns) lay the biggest (white) eggs!

Lucky & Dash, both are part of our first generation of chickens

Zoё & Rocky (so named because she had a rocky start in life)