LifeNets News from Balaka, Malawi

  • Goats delivered to orphans

  • 450 meter wall around Chizeni clinic complex completed

  • Wheelchair for disabled man

Posted February 21, 2010

(see more about our work with Balaka orphans)

For two straight years, Dr. Barbara Walls of Piscataway, New Jersey has held fundraisers for our Balaka orphans and the work of Dr. Sam Chilopora.  Click to see the stories about the 2008 and 2009 fundraisers.

Dr. Wall asked that proceeds from the 2009 fundraiser go towards goats for the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre.  You can see photos below of the delivery of the first goats in December 2009.  

Also, we would like to note that the 450 meter brick security wall around the clinic was completed when razor wire was put on top of the wall.  A major part of the funding for the $25,000 wall project which started in 2005 was provided by the Young Adults of United Church of God congregations in southern Florida.

Delivering the goats

Orphan community

Entry gate to Dr. and Mrs. Chiloporas Chizeni Clinic 

Hit Counter

Dr. Sam and Mrs. Chilopora watch as goats come off the delivery truck

Wall surrounding Chilzeni Clinc

Corral for goats

Below is a letter written by village head Chipita thanking all supporters for the goats. 

January 27, 2010

I village head Chapita, together with the people of my village we are very thankful to you for what you have done in our village.  

Orphans in this village previously used to face lots of problems but now they are all gone because of your support. Children are taking soya porridge and you have given us goats which will be used as a source of milk for the children. It is my hope that and each and every orphan will soon have his or her own kraal.  

For these reasons, we are saying thanks a lot for this wonderful support, may God bless you with more money. 

Lastly, we are also thankful to Dr. and Mrs. Chilopola for considering us the people of Chapita village to be the beneficiaries of this project. We ask the almighty God to bless them.

Thank you very much. We hope that you will continue supporting us. 

All the best, 

    Village Head Chapita
    Mrs. R Kida
Mr. Monjeza
Mr. Wochi

Also, when the goats were provided, we also gave a wheelchair to a disabled person in Balaka.  He sends this letter:

Chibwana Nsamala
TA Kalembo

February 8, 2010                                                                                                               

To LifeNets,

I write to thank you for the donation of the wheelchair. I will be able to move anywhere-everywhere to go to the market, visiting friends, church etc. and now my problem of movement is over. Continue supporting people like me. 

Yours faithfully, 

Patuma Wyson