Successful Livelihood Development Project --
20 Room Rest House at Lake Malawi

Posted October 24, 2010

Bekani with LifeNets
Grants Coordinator  Beverly Kubik

We helped Bekani B. Bvunguti  (we call him BB) finance the completion of a rest house house that he calls Fiso at Monkey Bay near Lake Malawi.  He applied for this grant in November 2006. The location is excellent, great being close the beautiful lake, a popular resort location not only to foreigners, but one that is also accessible to residents of Malawi. It has 20 rooms and he charge 250 kwaches a night. Thatís  $1.60. This project cost LifeNets $900 and paid for toilets and safe running water to make it possible to receive guests.

The guest house is operating. Bekani says that the income from makes it possible to support relatives and contribute to his church.

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The fish in this photo are being dried. The building is located just 100 meters from Lake Malawi