Hunger Affecting Millions in Southern Africa

LifeNets helps in Malawi and Zambia

February 19, 2016

LifeNets always works with people directly on the ground who deliver our aid to the people that need the help.

In the November 2015 to February 2016 time period LifeNets has helped stressed Malawi and Zambia with over $3000 in food support and farm grants.  This included providing 92 needed bags (50 kg each) of maize. The rainy season normally starts in November and that’s when the plants start germinating. That didn’t happen this year and there is a crop failure.

Read about how 14 Million Facing Starvation in Southern Africa in Rand Daily Mail South Africa.


From Lilongwe, Malawi Haiton Thungula, our LifeNets representative writes:

January 21, 2016

Hello everyone, it is very true that this year’s rain season is giving a lot of doubts, already we experienced a dry spell immediately after planting that scenario has deprived majority not to apply fertilizer & not only that has also negatively affected germination. Thanks so for the assistance to buy maize 22 bags were bought & distributed to seven families 

Once again thanks very much for saving the lives during this hunger period.

Haiton Lilongwe

From Blantyre, Malawi in Southern Malawi where we helped with 70 bags of maize our representative in Southern Malawi representative Gracious Mpilangwe writes: 

January 19, 2016

Yes, it is true that Malawi is the worst hit in this Southern part of Africa. All members had seed to plant but the rains are not coming in the right amount to enable the crops grow to their optimum growth, hence the dry spell. We had some rains on 15 and 16 January, but not enough and most parts of the country, the crops are wilting due to lack of moisture in the soil. It’s a pathetic situation.

We have managed to buy maize here in Blantyre, but very little. We applied for 70 bags of maize but we were given only 20 bags...and we have supplemented the members with some small cash to buy on their own.

Thank you very much for the money.


From LifeNets president Beverly Kubik

January 18, 2016

I just saw on the news that Malawi is the worst off of the countries in Africa suffering from hunger this year. Our reports from  Zambia are not good either.

Please keep us informed concerning this situation. Are you getting the rains you need to plan crops for next year? Do our members have seed to plan their gardens?