The LifeNets float. What does the 1:25 mean?  This year is the 125th anniversary of Morgan County in which Mandan is located. One hour and 25 minutes is also the goal of the best time for the Triathlon this year. .


Fourth of July LifeNets Parade Float


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Mandan Triathlon 2006

2005 Mandan Triathlon


The North Dakota LifeNets Chapter entered a float in the Annual 4th of July Parade in Mandan, North Dakota.  Work on the 4th of July Parade float for LifeNets was full force on the Sunday before the parade.  Volunteers arrived at the Freije house and worked through the day putting Lorretta Benedictís design idea into reality.  The main theme of the float was ďSwim, Bike, RunĒ with three panels and volunteers depicting the three different parts of the triathlon race. The Triathlon on September 17th is a fundraiser for LifeNets overseas programs in Ukraine, Africa and Latin America as well as being supportive of community programs in the Bismarck/Mandan area.

Sara Freije and (left) and Pam Redline put on labels advertising the September 17th LifeNets Triathlon to be held in Mandan, North Dakota.


Tracey Freije worked with the Bismarck Wal-Mart and received charitable donations for the 650 water bottles that were handed out during the parade.  Loretta Benedict printed out labels giving the date, location, and the website for the LifeNets organization.  Volunteers of the organization helped to put the labels on the bottles and then hand them out to the crowd on the 125th Annual Fourth of July parade in Morton County, Mandan, ND.


During the parade helping hands handed out the 650 bottles of water to the parade crowd in more than 100 degree heat.

News crews from two of the major television stations were out recording the parade and volunteers handed them water bottles and LifeNets tee-shirts.  A few of those walking along with the float even stopped and briefly talked with some of the different media personalities that were present.


The parade float met both of itís goals:  LifeNets was introduced to the community on a larger scale than previous years and also showed the community that LifeNets really is helping hands around the world by giving water to the hot and thirsty crowd gathered along the parade route.

Monday July 10, 2006 Pam Redline and Tracey Freije went to the morning staff meeting at Samís Club in Bismarck where they were presented with a $500 grant from Casey King, Samís Club business manager.  Tracey Freije had corresponded to the Samís Club and was informed that LifeNets would be receiving a grant at the next team meeting.  Pam Redline and Tracey Freije met at Samís Club of Bismarck, ND and received the grant. 

An additional donation of $250 was given by Montana Dakota Utilities. 

Sara Freije


Pam and Tracey running in the parade with the banner

 Main St. Mandan parade crowd 

Starting the parade route.

In the parade the Army National Guard was right behind us

The water bottles finished for the float

Loretta finishes water bottles

Adding the balloons to the float

Finishing the float on the 4th

Marie helps with the balloons for the float

Ralph and Rod set up the bike trainer

 Rod and Ralph finishing the trainer

Section 1 of the float

Hit Counter

Casey King hands Pam $500 grant from Sam's to LifeNets

The thirsty crowd

Loretta making measurements on the float

Tracey, Pam and Loretta discussing the float

Britton working on the float

Continuing the blocking on the float

Lee and Marie working on the water bottles

Marie, Laura, Ben, Mick, and Loretta work on finishing the bottles

Ralph and Rod Working on the float

  Sara working on the banner for the float 

Section 2 of the float

 The beginning stages of the float

Section 3 of the float