Buy a Mile for the 2008 LifeNets Triathlon


July 12, 2008

Here are some shots of the Redlines putting together sponsor request packages in preparation for the 2008 LifeNets Mandan Triathlon which was held on September 7th. Each portfolio contains a business card, a Family Album, an Annual Report, LifeNets Who We are and Why We do it, a sponsor request package and information about the 2008 Triathlon.

We have a new program this year called "Buy a Mile" and are receiving a very good response with over 50% of businesses responding positively to our request. We plan to post their logo at mile markers along the race route and at the lanes in the swimming pool. We're thankful it has been a success and everyone seems so enthusiastic.

Ralph Redline is now our Vice President and Britton is a great support staff. He has decided to organize and run our "Smoothie" kiosk during the event. He looks forward to getting his staff together and having a planning meeting. They want to taste their product...

Pam Redline


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