January 24, 2008

Richard Bowen was a member of the Tampa, Florida congregation for a relatively short time but it was an honor for all of us to see his growth prior to baptism and his faith and love for God. 

Cancer and scars from a childhood accident left him unable to swallow at all. Richard died on the Day or Trumpets in 2007.  Donations from the Tampa and St. Petersburg congregations were used to send a generous gift to his caregiver as well as offer this $400 memorial to LifeNets in his name.

 If possible, we would like to see it provide food (perhaps for the Ukrainian program?) since one of Richard's special requests for his memorial service was that we all enjoy a meal afterwards (which the Tampa Church did! :) He would be happy to know that, even though hadn't been able to eat for over a year, others would be able to.

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