The Michael Palchey Memorial Fund
for Transcarpathia, Ukraine established November 6, 2003


Michael Palchey

April 27, 2004


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           Since I met Michael Palchey in Florida in the summer of 1991 I have had a strong desire to help our people in Ukraine, primarily in the area of Rokosovo and Khust. My first visit there was in the fall of 1992. Michael Palchey had strongly encouraged me to come to Ukraine and meet those who believed.  Since that time it has been a wonderful experience getting to know those of my nationality, but more importantly of my faith.


            I have returned to Ukraine many times and our bond became stronger.  In 1994 we sent seven students to work the entire summer in Khust and Rokosova teaching English.


            In 1996 we went our first humanitarian containers.  In the year we sent two or three of them to Mission “Nazareth.”


            In 1997 we helped with the relocation of Christians in Tajikistan to Kamishani, a village near Kherson at the mouth of the Dneiper River. We helped at first through Mission Nazareth and then directly to Pastor Franz Klassen. Through Ivan Yurishko we established a Ukraine affiliate of LifeNets that is now legally registered in Ukraine.  Through LifeNets we helped considerably.  We established computer classes, held summer camps for children. We also helped street children in Vinogradov. 


            The source of the funding has come from many people in the United States who are interested in helping those of like mind in Ukraine. I have raised the funds through articles I have written and by sermons and lectures that I have given.  Over the years it’s difficult to estimate exactly how much aid has gone to Ukraine, but certainly it has been considerable.


            I want to continue to help the people of Ukraine, but I cannot do it without support and help from more people than I now have. 


            In the summer of 2002 we did not have a camp for children in part due to finances.  2003's program was rather small, again because of the lack of finances.  We would like to expand our computer training program and need finances for more computers and other equipment.


            Because of my love and respect for Michael Palchey and my promise to care for the people that he worked with in his lifetime, I want to establish the Michael Palchey Memorial Fund.


            The purpose of this fund will be for the betterment of people that Michael Palchey served in Ukraine.  It will go for education, computer training, camp programs, orphans and other humanitarian needs.


           The Michael Palchey Memorial Fund that will be administered by LifeNets. All contributions will go directly to help Ukrainian people in Transcarpathia. All contributions are tax deductible.  Reports will be made regularly about how the money is used and how much is collected.


            Michael Palchey died on August 3, 2004 in Raleigh, North Carolina. You can read more at


            Anyone wishing to contribute may send their tax-deductible donation to


LifeNets Michael Palchey Memorial Fund

1227 Woodchase Trail

Batavia, OH 45103    


If you have any further questions, please call me at 1 513 201-8850 or e-mail at





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