Onnie Thompson dies February 4th

UPDATED February 17, 2006


Scot, Brett and I would like to thank all of you for your prayers, cards, phone calls and emails over the past two weeks.  We have been shocked, devastated and deeply saddened by Onnie's sudden and untimely death.  She is and will continue to be missed by us in a profound way.  Her love of us was special and she was a dear, loving gift from God.  The comfort and support you have given has been overwhelming and each individual effort is appreciated more than you can know.  Please continue to ask God to encourage and sustain us.

Our prayer is that each of you will be specially blessed because of your efforts of love and comfort in our time of great need.

With heartfelt appreciation and gratitude,

Dick, Scot and Brett Thompson

February 4, 2006

Onnie Thompson  died of a massive cerebral stem hemorrhage at 4:15 pm Saturday afternoon. Your prayers are asked for her husband Richard Thompson, pastor of United Church of God's Jacksonville, Ocala and Orlando congregations. Also pray for their two sons Scot and Brett.

The funeral will be in the Jackson, Mississippi area on Friday, February 10th. 

Cards may be sent to

    Richard Thompson
    PO Box 1081
    Mt. Dora, Florida 32756-1081

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