November 29, 2004


Dear Friends, Volunteers and Donors,


Thank you for your continued interest and support for LifeNets life-changing projects. You have helped provide higher education for young people in developing countries. This will give them meaningful professions. You have provided medicine that have saved lives in Malawi and Zambia. You have helped provide unemployed people with tools that has given them work to support themselves and their families. You have helped give hope to orphans in Malawi and street children in Ukraine. LifeNets has maintained such programs for more than fives years and our outcomes have exceeded our expectations. 


Why is this?


For any aid program to be successful there must be accountability at the recipients end. LifeNets has administered all its programs with managers who make sure that your donation is properly used and accounted for. They make sure that we get the most value for our money. This way more people can be helped.


You contribution goes a long way. Here are some examples:





This and other projects need your continuing support. Read about all these projects and more in our LifeLines newsletter and on our website at www.lifentes.org. We thank you for supporting LifeNets and making us your charity of choice.  



In deep appreciation,

Victor Kubik
President, LifeNets


3707 Turfway Court P.O. Box 88165 Indianapolis, IN 46208
317 216-0802


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