Computer Arrives for LifeNets Scholarship Student in Zambia

Posted August 14, 2016

Lazarous Zuzhi has been a LifeNets student studying nursing in Solwezi, Zambia. We were able to provide a computer for him to aid him in his studies. One of our ministers, Darris McNeely, travelled to Malawi and South Africa to conduct Leadership seminars. We gave him a laptop to deliver to Major Nawa Talama from Lusaka, Zambia who took it back and had it sent on to Lazarous.

Lazarous sent us a few photos and also a few texts:

On August 5th Lazarous Zuzhi a student nurse at Solwezi of Nursing School received a computer from Mrs. Victor Kubik from United States. At Chilemo OVC [the orphanage Lazarous was from] we highly appreciated for the work you have done and may God bless you all. As for the garden and poulty, it is being managed well though we are facing some few challenges. May your days accumulate by the Almighty God in Jesus name. 

We really want to thank Mr.  and Mrs. Pringle for the great work you are doing. Secondly, we  thank Mr..and  Mrs. Kubik for the great  work their doing for Chilemo (OVC) Orphans Club and LifeNets. 

Lazarous makes reference to poultry and gardening. LifeNets has helped build poultry houses to help feed the orphans. It has also provided a borehole and another well powered by tredle mills for irrigating a large garden to help feed the orphans.

Poultry and Farming at Chilemo Orphans Club. Director Joseph Kapatula and wife Agnes

You can read about a visit we made out to Mufumbwe in April, 2014 with Derrick and Cherry Pringle from Kitwe on my TravelPod.

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May 8, 2016

From Zambia:

I am schooling at Solwezi Nursing School in Solwezi, a northwestern province of Zambia. I am still in my first year and I will be in second year in July 2016. I am studying for a Diploma in Nursing,as a Registered Nurse (RN) for three years.

I am facing a challenge in terms of studying and communication,because I don't have a phone or a computer which can browse or have an access on the Internet. I would appreciate if anyone had to send anything which can have access on Internet. I am using a borrowed phone to communicate. I really thank God for what you people are doing for me,

May the Lord God Bless You.

Lazarous Zuzhi
Solwezi, Zambia

Photos below from Lazarous. sHis school.went for an industrial visit at NorthWestern Water and supply sewerage company.