Development Project For Low-income Children in
Paramirabo, Suriname

Claid and Marcia Dalfour have started a development project for low-income children in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. They rented a small meeting hall in Paramaribo. It is actually a small house that was unfinished when they first rented it. The roof was not completely in place, the interior was totally unfinished and the floor of the building was just dirt. With a lot of "sweat equity" they have turned the building into a place where they can have conduct their program to help the children in the neighborhood. LifeNets has committed to helping this program. It is well-run and produces wonderful outcomes.

Updated March 28, 2010

LifeNets has just sent $4000 to Suriname for the operation of their program for the year 2010.  In addition to providing food for children, we have decided to help with musical instruments. The Dalfour's are very gifted musically and will add this dimension to the program.  The group consists of 40 children,  But music lessons is now reduced to 15 most talented because of lack of instruments. We are adding the following instruments with more to follow:

  •  5 Guitars

  •  5 Keyboards

  •  2 Drum sets

We are purchasing used musical instruments in the country of Suriname.

Here are some photo's of the children in Surinam attending music lessons.

May 25, 2009

Marcia Dalfour conducts education program 

Each Saturday they meet with some 30 children ages 3-7 for 2-3 hours. Some of the children who participate do not have shoes. The Dalfours teach them basic Christian principles via hymns, which the children memorize.   

They help the older children with elementary reading skills, and they teach all the children basic social skills like saying "Please" and "Thank you." The Dalfours have downloaded some basic children's material from the Internet and use it for their instruction. The texts are in English, but they always explain everything in Dutch so the children can understand. When the lesson is finished, the children receive a warm lunch before they return home. 
The Dalfours have been providing this service for about 9 months now, paying for everything from their own income. Marcia works as a governmental nurse supervisor in Paramaribo, and Claid is a music teacher.

Building where the program is conducted

It is the desire of LifeNets to support this well-run project which simply needs financing.    

We will be working with Paul Kieffer who is regional director for the United Church of God for the German and Dutch-speaking areas.  He visited this area in January/February and gave us an enthusiastic report the work of the Dalfors.  

We are looking for sponsors to help sustain this project. Write to us at

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Paul Kieffer, Director of the German speaking areas  (left) and Marcos Rosales from blog at

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Day 2  Jan 29
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