LifeNets February and March 2016 reports about our help to refugees from Eastern Ukraine.

Posted July 25, 2016

We received a generous donation from the Southern California churches of nearly $3500 from a bake sale for continuing aid to Ukrainian refugees. Here is what was written to us on April 5, 2016. Here is what elder Jon Garnant wrote us:

"I trust that this email finds you doing well. Just wanted to let you know that we raised a total of $3,447.04 at our annual Cake Auction. We were very blessed this year and in order to fulfill the commitment we made, we would like to make sure these funds get to Mr. Andreevin's group as soon as possible. If you would be kind enough to put me in touch with whoever at Life Nets oversees the transfer of monies, the UCG Los Angeles group would be very appreciative."

Best regards,
-Jon Garnant

Unrest continues in the eastern provinces. While there is no overt war, the Russian-backed separatists are continuing sniper fire killing on an average of three soldiers a day during this "cease-fire" hoping to provoke the Ukranian army in to open war. It is a difficult and tense situation.

Here are two reports from our contact Yuri Andreew in the area who is helping refugees through the winter months of February and March. The refugees have been in Mikolayev and that's where he helps these poor people.

We have been helping our $600 - $700 a month to this point. --

Bev and I have just returned from the Chrenobyl area of Ukraine where we work with a children's rehabilitaion center for the past 20 years. They have been taking in children 60 at a time for treatment of various sorts. They have helped more than 400 children to this point.

Here are two reports are PDF files that show the scope of some of our humanitarian efforts.

Below are photos of some of the families that we have helped.