LifeNets Zambia Calf Report

Posted October 2, 2003

To the Zambia Project

We received the following report from Zambia LifeNets director Kambani Banda.  We are very excited to see the progress of this project and how now it is passing on the gift that we had given others in the community. 

Kambani Banda writes....

September 14, 2003

Village leader Apren Moombe with new calf

I am glad to inform you that  the heifers have dropped six calves but two were still born leaving us with four, two males and two females. We project another six before the end of the year. Already the families whose heifers calved benefit from the milk produced.

In the current fall festival budget we excluded the cost of milk as the four heifers will provide enough milk throughout the fall festival as well as cutting the costs of keeping the festival, the curds made from milk are a delicacy which are eaten with Nshima  (Nshima is made from corn and is similar to, but thicker than mashed potatoes).
I have never seen members and their families as health as now since I started working in this area. I attribute this positive development to a steady supply of Anti malarials, antibiotics, de-wormer, vitamins, mineral supplements and rehydration fluids. This is not to forget the health education programmes that go hand in hand with the supply of medicines.
The good health that the people enjoy means that they are able to work harder than in the past, the good rains that God blessed us resulted in dramatic increase in productivity. There is universal house food security and contribution have increased to just over 100% above last year. Our people are an example of the great strides that can be achieved if there is a little priming of the pump, education in godly values plus favourable weather. These are the same factors that will make the world tomorrow work.
By the way Mr. van Belkum will on Sunday during the festival and hand over the first pair and next Generation of heifers to Winter Chifwepa.. We wish you would be there to do the hand over and celebrate with us this milestone in this wonderful project.
The procurement and supply of veterinary drugs is a component of the project which has made it so successful. In the period under review a number of farmers have lost as much as 75% of their head due to various cattle diseases. In comparison our mortality rate is still the same two  reported earlier. One was replaced and we are in the process of replacing the other. Therefore, for all intents and purposes, we can safely report that mortality from the original batch of heifers is nil.
The Scotch Cart that LifeNets funded was bought last year after the feast and is located in Kasumpa. It is a big help in hauling farm produce from the fields, drawing water and hauling fire wood. If it is possible, we could do with another scotch cart for Nalubanda. The two communities are 25 kilometres apart
The van that LifeNets bought for us in December last year  is running well and a true partner in  implementing and supervising our project.  The garage is now complete and therefore I do not to walk five kilometres every day to the Police Station to pick and park the van for Security. The garage has also added an undeserved value to our house. For lack of anything better to do or say, we say thank you to LifeNets.
Since there appears to be a constant requirement for pictures and faxes from Lifenets and the church you might wish to consider a Scanner but really this is not as critical a Tape Drive.
The audited Accounts for the local chapter of LifeNets for year the ending 31 December, 2001 are now complete and a copy will be posted to you in the course of the week. We are now working on the audit of the 2002 Accounts.
It is a pity you will not be able to come our way during this years feast. You could have been able to see first hand the wonderful fruit being born from your work in this area. I know that this is but a futile advert to entice you change your travel schedule.
But seriously I feel very honoured to be associated with LifeNets and the Church Of God. This programme is a practical demonstration that God's way works and LifeNets is effectively pioneering this method.

Kambani Banda

Do you want to help out with our Zambia Cattle Project?  All donations are tax deductible and will help us maintain the continual building up of this herd. 

You may send donations to

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Thank you for your care and interest.

Our herd with the Nissan van that LifeNets
purchased a year ago.

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