United Youth Camp August 2016 Zambia Report

Updated October 9, 2016

This is an updated report with photos from Derrick Pringle who took youth from the Copperbelt in Zambia first to Victoria Falls, then to camp at our church property that has just come back to us after five years. We are grateful to have it back and use it for its intended purpose. We will be holding the Feast of Tabernacles at this site in 2016, as well.

First is an update from Derrick Pringle followed by the original report from Major Nawa Talama

From Derrick Pringle

The Copperbelt youth (20) have had a wonderful experience in their visit to the Victoria Falls.

They left Mufulira at 0600 hrs last Wednesday. They should of left at 0400 hrs. The bus was parked at the police station for security reasons then during the night a taxi parked right at the back which prevented it to leave. Very frustrating but maybe there was a reason for this as once we were on the road we heard that there was rioting in two towns that we had to go through. The riots were due to certain parties being not happy with the election results. However, by the time we went through all was quiet so I guess they had worn themselves out by that time.

The Copperbelt kids at Victoria Falls before Camp at Verino

The next few days were taken up in an extensive tour of the Falls, a trip through the National Park along the Zambezi river, a visit to the Livingstone Museum and the Railway Museum.

They were astounded at the depth and grandeur of the Falls. At a clear viewpoint of the Falls bridge, they were intrigued at the Bungee jumping that was taking place from that bridge. In the Park we saw a huge heard of elephant from the smallest to the biggest. Buffalo, giraffe, impala, warthog and waterbuck. We also had an exclusive walk in the bush to where a rhino and calf were resting under a tree.

The Livingstone Museum is the largest one in Zambia. Well laid out and lots of artifacts to do with David Livingstone.

On foot from a rhino 20m away

Baboon who snatched a lollipop from one of the
girls at the Falls.

The Railway Museum was of particular interest to me as they had coaches and steam locomotives sign written " Rhodesia Railways." If I remember correctly, Rhodesia Railways ran all the rail stock in North and Southern Rhodesia. When Zambia got its independence this stock was hired out to the Zambians until they could arrange their own. Also of interest, in the same area was a shed set up by the Jews of Zambia showing their history in this country. They mainly came from Europe with only a single suitcase and then built empires for themselves.

Now on Sunday it was back to Lusaka and on to Verino for Youth Camp beginning tomorrow, August 22nd Monday.

What astounded me is that none of these youth had ever seen the Falls. They had never seen any of the game that they saw in the wild and they said that it was possible that they never would have of if it had not been for this trip. They expressed time and again their appreciation which made all the expense and effort extremely worthwhile.



More photos below of our camp/feast facitlity in Verino, outside Lusakas

September 6, 2015

by Major Nawa Talama
UYC Director.

This year 2016, in Zambia UYC was held at the United Church of God farm plot which is about 12 acres situated approximately 35km east of Lusaka city to a place called Verino near Chongwe town. This is property that was purchased mostly by LifeNets funding for use by the United Church of God.

Most campers and staff arrived on Sunday 21st August 2016, while others reported on Monday morning to join the rest. We had to pick them from the bus terminal to Verino UYC in Chongwe. The Youth Camp had 84 people, 3 Elders, Derrick and Cherry Pringle, Alfred and Edith Siame, me and my wife Felicia. Two Deacons, Samuel Bwalya and Jonathan Litaba were present too.

The Christian living theme was, “Guided by God’s Word” with daily themes all pointing to “God’s word leads to Eternal life." It was interesting to note that most campers memorized the memory scriptures daily. Apart from Christian living lessons, campers and staff were also involved in the following activities: Arts and Craft, First Aid, Career Planning, Health and Hygiene, Music, Choir and also sporting activities such as, Rifle Practice, Volley Ball, Soccer, Speed away, Badminton, Tug of peace, Junior Archery and morning physical training.

Suffice to say that the camp was exciting and great due to numerous activities and games taking place at the same time. However, the camp was cold in the evening and early morning.|

Meals were good and balanced, so everyone enjoyed the meal. This year we had campers coming from almost all our congregations.

Like 2015 UYC, this year’s UYC was equally successful and memorable to all. The camp ended after sunset of Sabbath with deserving campers receiving awards then they had a dance which lasted for 1hour 30 minutes at about 10pm.

Sabbath service was at Verino, which included members from Lusaka congregation who attended before they were taken back to Lusaka.

On Sunday morning the campers and staff started off for Lusaka to catch a bus to their various destinations with those from the Copperbelt and Solwezi using the Kitwe Church Bus.

We were the last to leave camp. It is our prayer that the next year’s camp be successful just like the last and previous ones.

Below are some photos from the camp in August. We will post more photos as they come to us.