Kalukanya, Zambia Borehole

Posted October 26, 2014

A much needed borehole to provide water to an entire community in Zambia was drilled in the early August 2013. Earlier on April 14, 2013 an ABC (Ambassador Bible Center) fundraiser raised $7000 toward the final cost which was about $8000.

My communicaitons about the project were with Wilson Nkhoma, pastor, who lives in Lusaka, Zambia. Here is the string of messages from him:

April 15, 2013

The borehole project is URGENTLY needed in the KALUKANYA UCG Church area. During our last visit there we failed to baptise anyone BECAUSE the well was then dry and there was NO WATER nearby except at a stream about 12 km away! And there was only a beaten track....not meant for vehicles. It was late November and WATER was a problem. Kalukanya is part of a big village but there is no water nearby...it is  away from the main trunk road AND the BOREHOLE WOULD SERVE ABOUT 500 people!  All the villagers would benefit including our 80 UCG  Brethren!  

We failed to baptise 7 people last November although we had baptised 14 people there earlier  last year and there was then water in the well near our Church building.  Even now, the plan is to sink a borehole not more than 20 metres from the Church building  in the village very near our leading member there.  This over 50 km away from Isoka town in the bush.  God-willing , you will see this area when you come to visit here.

July 19, 2013

Regarding the borehole, Alfred Siame (a deacon in the area) came down from Isoka for some personal business, just as we needed him(!) and we went with him and paid the borehole firm 60% as stipulated downpayment, for them to drill a borehole in Isoka (Kalukanya). The equipment and vehicles are in Isoka town .

August 6, 2013

As of today, 6th August ,2013, the borehole and the handpump with plenty of water in the Kalukanya area of Isoka has been done!

The brethren and the people in the village are rejoicing! United Church of God ,AIA, has made a wonderful landmark in this remote area! In the Zambian govt. is yet to make a mark in this remote area.....the villagers I hear are extremely pleased at this development and we now plan to drive there and take some pictures which we shall forward to you in USA, Home Office.

Your love and care as shown to people you hardly know but are our church members cannot be understood by many but indeed shows that God's Holy Spirit is stronger than any known bond.I talked to the daecon and some leading men in Isoka and Kalukanya.....they ,like me , do not have to describe what you have done here at our church site....a fitting site for the Feast of Tabernacles and other services!

September 6, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Attached are the pictures from the Isoka/Kalukanya area which as you can see now has a borehole from which an entire village will now benefit. Like I said earlier before, even our government is not at present able to reach and service people in this remote area of Zambia.....it is over 50km away from the Isoka area . The way has some impediments but has over 80 people of UCG AIA! This is the part of Isoka which a lot of people never see.

We went there with Luke Banda and his wife...as our church president is coming over in October. I will not go to Isoka area and will remain here in the Lusaka and Mwembeshi area and will instead send Luke and his wife to the area. We had a few challenges on the way going and on the way coming back but these will come at another time.But both Luke and his wife were sobered by the venture! We covered about 1000 km on each way. The challenges of tyres, lack of sleeping places as JWS took all sleeping places in Mpika (600km from Lusaka), seeing a horrible accident ... this against the wonderful gifts the Kalukanya brethren gave us during this visit; I am sure this is all indelibly marked in psyche of the two.

I wanted these pictures to be sent to you today while some of this is still fresh on my mind; we came back to Lusaka two days ago and we had a wonderful Trumpets here in Lusaka ,yesterday.

The Eternal God is making all this possible and thank and glorify Him and you, His people, deserve our thanks!



Sept 7, 2013

The Isoka and Kalukanya area of Isoka is now a proper feast site for the Feast of Tabernacles as water was drilled and will not run out during the event this month.This is now the second site in Zambia as approved by Victor Kubik and when Luke Banda and I went there a week ago we took 16 new tents with us for them which we had bought from the change as we had negotiated the price downward with the firm that drilled the borehole.


The new borehole needs 2 pockets of cement and an additional pocket todo some beamfilling on the new church building. We will send them funds for this plus some funds for some food and medicine during the Feast.

Altogether, we this way, are caterring for over 140 brethren who atherwise would be unable to travel to the Feast in Lusaka, over 900km away.  The Isoka town brethren alone would observe the Feast alone in town like they sometimes in the past, but we needed them to be together like this.  About a third of these will be children.....under 14 yeares of age.Both the distance  has now been eliminated this way. And as I am unable to go there as our Church President is coming for the Feast this year, I will be sending Luke with his wife to assist Alfred Siame and Patrice Sinyenga with their wives.

The new  church building there is bereft of windows, chairs and a door but this is nothing and they will have a wonerful Feast as grass structure has been eliminated and replaced by this new structure.....with cement floor and metal roof!

You people as a Church have made all these possible....the Eternal God has done all  this through you. Like the Kalukanya and Isoka people.

ALL WE CAN SAY IS A VERY BIG THANK YOU .  We shall pray for you people ALWAYS!

Best regards,

Wilson Nkhoma