Below is a letter of thanks from the Armstrong Maninga family from the remote Mumbwa area of Zambia to Andre van Belkum, LifeNets Director for Southern Africa.  He is thanking Andre van Belkum for all the support that he has received from LifeNets in the United States, Australia and South Africa.  The Maninga family is one of many families that has benefited from LifeNets cattle, livelihood development, agriculture and water well support.  We thought that you would appreciate seeing this.



Nangoma, Mumbwa


April 5, 2007


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Van Belkum,


It is a great pleasure to write this letter to you. I you’ you’re fine your family. My wife and I, plus children are all fine.


The reasons why, my wife and I have written this letters is to thank you and your wife for the good work that you are doing, especially to the church here in Zambia (Mumbwa).


I remember you gave us:


  1. Bicycles, which we are still using – this has made traveling easier.
  2. You gave us heifers – this has also improved our lives because now we enjoy milk and our diet has been improved.  Also, male calves are used for cultivating the land.
  3. You gave us medicines, after seeing that our little children used to die of malaria every years. Now, this is not happening – death has been reduced to zero.
  4. We were assisted with money to repair our teeth and to improve our eyesight.
    On left is Armstrong Maninga in 2005 before his operation.  On right is where we saw him in Lusaka in October 2006.
  5. In times of hardships you provided us with food – this has led to the introduction of an agricultural program where we are given impost on loans – and also we are given money in advance so that we don’t sell our crops to brief case buyers – who buy at very low prices.
  6. I was assisted by you (2005) to go to the hospital because I had a large growth on my lower ear – this was removed.  I am well now.
  7. The last and not the least – the digging of wells. We have been given a well and the pump has been fitter. This also has (will) improve our lives, since water is necessary for life. My wife used to carry a bucket of water 9 kilometers (about 6 miles) daily during dry spells, now life has been made easier.


There are many more which I haven’t mentioned which you and wife have done to us.  Your and your wife are acting like a bridge by connecting us to the rest of the world. Without you and your wife we could not been know to other brethren overseas and we could nave been receiving all the things I have mentioned above.


My wife and I will always remember you in our daily prayers/ may God richly bless you, as you continue to help poor people like us


With mush love,


Mr. and Mr. Armstrong Maninga.

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Since this photo was taken he has a well pump.  This also covers the well and helps keep the it more more sanitary

Where the Maninga's live

Bev Kubik (center) with Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong Maninga