Progress in the Zambia Project
May 25, 2001

We are happy to say that there is MOOvement in our quest to restore cattle to the Mumbwa area. We want thank ALL of you who have been supportive of this project that will greatly improve subsistence living conditions.

Through the rainy season of November 2000 through April 2001 we have not even been able to be in contact with the Mumbwa people because of inaccessibility to their settlement by vehicle. But, now, we're able to get in there and start our project.  

Kambani Banda, LifeNets representative in Lusaka and UCG elder has registered LifeNets in Zambia as of April 20, 2001.  

Immediately we are starting on the training phase of the project. This will ensure that conditions for ensuring the health and care for the cattle are achieved.  A shelter for each animal must be built.  There will be veterinary support so that disease can be checked. We will then proceed to supply the 24 head of cattle and a bull.  People from two adjacent communities, about 15 miles apart will be the beneficiaries. We are working with Heifer Project International which has a Lusaka, Zambia office for support and training.

Again, we want to thank all who have helped make this a reality.  The cattle that will be provided are of the type shown above.

For anyone wishing to help with this project, tax-exempt donations can be sent to

        LifeNets for Zambia
        3707 Turfway Ct.
        Indianapolis, IN 46228

Please keep coming to the Zambia Home Page on LifeNets for updates.

Victor Kubik

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