LifeNets Helps Save the Life of Matilda.....a Wonderful Story....

Posted December 7, 2007

This is one of our most touching LifeNets stories.  Matilda, a two year-old orphan weighing about eight pounds came to the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre in 2001. There was not much hope for her.  But, she survived and now thrives.

Matilda Fiati -- on the left in September 2008.  On the right on October 2004.

Matilda Fiati writes in September 2008:

"I am very thankful for the help in feeding me when I was very young. Today I am at school and I am in Standard 2. May the Lord bless you. Thank you."

Matilda Fiati  (see original)

We thank all who help support the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre in Balaka, particularly Dr. Barbara Walls and her friends in the Piscataway, New Jersey area who have raised money for feeding these children.

Please read Dr. Sam Chilopora's, director of Chizeni Clinic and the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre account of Matilda and his work with orphans.

October 10, 2008

Chizeni Health Services was initially built to heal the sick. This has been the case since 1989.

But, things changed in 2001-2002 when a famine hit the country. Many people, old and young suffered and some died. The news reached the United States. The United Church of God through LifeNets sent some food items to members of the churches in Malawi. We had our share of the food. This donation to us was a surplus because we had had sufficient food for ourselves.

Esther and Sam Chilopora

I asked my wife what we should do with this food. She had a ready answer: "We have many needy people around us, many, especially children are dying of hunger."  She suggested that we should give it to the orphans.

The children came in large numbers.  Little did we know that this would be an on ongoing thing. In no time the food was finished, but the children continued to come to be fed. We began to give them our own food. Through Mr. van Belkum in South Africa the matter was reported to the United States.

Mr. and Mrs. Kubik came to our aid through LifeNets and the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre was established. Among the children who came, there was one named Matilda Fiati. this child at the age of two years had the weight of a newborn baby.  She was ill with malaria and upper respiratory infection. So apart from receiving the nutrients, we treated her for the many illnesses she suffered. Her weight slowly picked up. At times the guardians lost hope but we kept encouraging her to work hard. Like other orphans Matilda received mediation for her illnesses. My wife was keen to see that she received her medicines and her food. She was popularly known as "My Food." because she always cried out, "My food, my food."

Apart from feeding the orphans, we provide them with warm clothing during the cold season. The provision of mosquito nets drastically reduced the incidence of malaria. They also receive blankets and soap. Sometimes we took trips to Lake Malawi. The guardians enjoyed the trips to see Lake for the first time. On one of the trips the Chief herself joined us.

Finally, my wife and I would like thank all those who are involved in the LifeNets organization for the great work they do for those people they will never come to see. GIVING is the greatest LOVE man can show.

May the Lord richly bless you for the efforts you show in relieving human suffering

Sam and Esther Chilopora. (see original)

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