Chernihiv, Ukraine Report April 14, 2022

Today, Thursday, April 14, 2022, I’d like to catch you up about the Chernihiv area in Ukraine where we work with the “Revival” Centre for Rehabilitation of Disabled Children.  In the past week and a half, we’ve had a few communications with Dr. Vasyl Pasichnyk and his wife Natalia as well as through his granddaughter Natalia who lives in Kyiv and is in regular contact with them.

The photos below give us a glimpse of recent life at the Centre.  

Food is beginning to arrive in Chernihiv for the children and staff.

Dr. Vasyl Pasichnyk with his wife Natalia and one of the children at the Center of Rehabilitation

This is how food was prepared for almost 90 children and staff at the Centre of Rehabilitation during the Russian invasion

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In a conversation that I had with Dr. P and Natalia on April 8, they told me that they were grateful for some peace since the Russians have pulled away to head for the Donbas area to continue the invasion there.  The fighting got within 800 meters of the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre where they are all staying. He said that it’s been a challenge to work under conditions with explosions and gunfire nearby.

They are concerned that the Russians may attack Kyiv once again.

He was happy to report that they now have electricity and water in the buildings. Humanitarian relief supplies are coming in from the west.  No one at the Center has been paid for the past month. They were able to evacuate 16 children with their mothers to Europe last week.  But, there are calls from the population to have more children come to the Centre for treatment.   

The video below is a documentary of the Centre's 25th Anniversary this past June 2021 in better days.

They are hoping to return to normalcy.  There will be great needs to be satisfied and LifeNets is ready to do so.  Right now we are acquiring electrical inverters in Europe to help them have more reliable electricity to run the Centre. We love these people with whom we have been working for the past 26 years.   

Dr. P’s granddaughter Natalia in Kyiv wrote to us saying that the Centre is now using a Starlink Connection from Elon Musk, so the signal is much better to him.  We have been able to talk via Viber and send messages through Facebook Messenger.

They are grateful for the local Ukrainian volunteers who bring mostly everything they need for now.  In spite of all the destruction and death, the community has pulled together to help those who have survived. They just want to see a peaceful Ukraine and be able to continue working and living their lives.

Chernihiv has been 70% destroyed by the Russian bombing.  The mayor of Chernihiv Vladyslav Atroshenko made an impassioned plea for support from the West and asked pleadingly for the establishment of a “no-fly” zone.  He said that he never imagined having so many people, many he knew personally all being buried at once in mass graves by bulldozers.  You can see his message at: