Day Of Thanks - Update and Summary

by Dr. Anthony Pacelli

The second annual Lafayette Day Of Thanks was a success, assisted by the local community. Help came from Purdue APO Organization, TV-18, WAZY-96.5FM, WGBD-95.7FM, WKHY-93.5FM, WGLM-FM, WBAA-AM/FM Purdue, the Journal & Courier, The Lafayette Leader, The Ad Sheet and the following websites: Victor Kubik, Pacelli Chiropractic & Health Potential Complex, Lafayette - United Church of God and all the individuals who donated their time and energy.

This year we achieved thirty-eight sponsors, passing our goal of thirty while also reaching a new high of fourteen groups dedicated to public relations / public awareness.

The pledges are still coming in and we hope to have that total by December 15, 1997. The pledging this year is more than double what was collected last year. We are still being surprised from people outside our community too. We have received a pledge from two individuals from the State of Georgia. If anyone would like to still pledge an amount please send it to "Day Of Thanks, P.O. Box 5222, Lafayette, IN 47903".


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