On April 26, 1986 Ukraine and the earth recoiled from the world's worst nuclear disaster which spewed out 400 times the radioactive fallout of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. More than a decade has passed and the effects of this disaster continue and actually increase. In fact, hundreds of thousands, mostly children, are still suffering with physical and psychological disorders. I do not want to forget them. My goal is to raise $100,000 by April 26, 1998 to help victims of Chernobyl in Ukraine.

Read Friday, April 11th's article in the Indianapolis Star which highlights our efforts to help. On Tuesday evening, April 15th I was a guest on a WXLW 950 talk show here in Indianapolis explaining the needs in Ukraine. On Saturday, April 26th those in central Indiana were able to hear an interview with me on WIBC 1070 news reports about Chernobyl and its effects.

All contributions are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by the law. For those wishing to help please send your contribution to:

The Chernobyl Project - LifeNets 
3707 Turfway Court 
Indianapolis, Indiana 46228-2095  

Read more about what we're doing in Ukraine, and specifically in the Chernobyl area and return often for updates