North Dallas UCG Chernobyl Project

UPDATED December 16, 1997

Mrs. Brenda Hogg writes me about the final phase of collecting needed items for Chernobyl. On Sunday, December 7th they did an inventory of the items. As soon as our container is coming to be loaded, she and and her husband Willis will drive this load from Dallas to Minneapolis where it will be loaded. Here's Brenda's report:

Hello, Mr. Kubik,

Well we are off and running. All items are boxed and labeled. There were about 40 of us and it only took us about 4 hours to get everything done. Sorry I am sending the message so late, but I had to come home and re-type all the pages to send to Mary Sandmann. We had 3 people tying the labels for the boxes and after they put the labels on the box they deleted the list, so I had to go back and re-do the whole list after we got home.

Everything went great and I heard a couple of people talking about how much it meant to them for us to have this project and all of working together like this.

Most of the items came from Dallas North, the rest Waco, and Ft. Worth. I also had SEVERAL people come to me and ASK if we could do it again and talked about how much more items they could collect now that they knew what it was really all about.

I am going to try something here, we had 51 boxes in all and I am going to try to cut and paste all the items here so you can look at each page and the contents. I would send you a file with this but Willis has already gone to bed and I do not know how to do it. So here goes, if it does not work please call me tomorrow and I will fax the pages to you where ever you are. There are 8 pages so I will send them on the next message.


October 4, 1997

As we are about to ship several containers of life-sustaining humanitarian aid to Ukraine, we have this tremendous story of spontaneous support from the Dallas/Fort Worth United Churches of God. They have come through fabulously to help people on other side of world who are quietly suffering. By all working together, we are able to ship these much appreciated items that most of take for granted. This is quite a story!

Victor Kubik

The Dallas North Congregation, along with Fort Worth, Sherman, and the Waco congregations have been collecting miscellaneous items for the next container shipment

The Teens!
of humanitarian items to Ukraine. We have been collecting medical and dental items, developmental toys, toiletries, and different articles of clothing for the children of Ukraine and we are in the process of trying to locate some X-ray machines for the cancer center.

The Dallas North Teens have really been hard at work this summer. They organized an event in the City of Coppell and involved the city. They went from door to door dropping off empty plastic bags along with a flyer describing articles that we were collecting. We received LOTS of children's clothing and toys.

Special T-Shirts were printed up for all the teens so they could be recognized as part of the Chernobyl Project. Mr. Dean Ames painted a huge beautiful sign for the project and put it on the back of the truck so we could be more visible. The city of Coppell gave their permission and even had the police department on alert in the area while the kids were out delivering. McDonald's gave all of the teens lunch with a discount.

The next Sunday they went back to each house and collected the bags that were left outside for them. Sonic Drive Inn gave them free food and drinks for the day. It was a very successful project! Mr. Mitch Williams and Mr. Dean Ames did an outstanding job coordinating this project. Mr. Ames even got all the plastic bags donated to us.

The Dallas Morning News took a picture of the group along with the pick-up truck that was decorated for the occason and ran an article in their Sunday Religious section.

The Sign
The Fort Worth, Sherman and Waco congregations have been busy also. They have been doing to different hospitals, drug stores, discount stores, toy stores, dental clinics and medical centers collecting medical and any other supplies they could get. Some of our teens have even volunteered to donate their bicycles.

So far we have collected several trucks loads of various supplies, along with some cash donations and more items are coming in every day. In early November we will have a church-wide work

Willis and Brenda Hogg
party to sort and box all the items to get them ready for shipping. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cooper of Fort Worth have volunteered to drive a truck and deliver all the items to Minnesota.

It is our hope to make this a continuing project getting bigger and better each year.

Willis and Brenda Hogg
Project Managers
Dallas North UCG