Chernobyl News: LifeNets Helps with 
Much Needed Construction at the Chernigov
Centre of Medical Social Rehabilitation 
of Disabled Children

February 16, 2001

On August 16, 2000 LifeNets granted $10,000 to the Chernigov Centre of Medical Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children for vital remodeling and expansion to make it possible to comfortably rehabilitate 60 children, many still suffering from the effects of the Chernobyl nuclear tragedy of April 26, 1986.  

Dr. Vasyl Pasechnik

We have been working with the fine staff of a center that has been dedicated to rehabilitate children not only medically, but also vocationally.  This is the first and only center of this type in all of Ukraine.  

Dr. Vasyl Pasechnik sent us photos of children and remodeling that just arrived. His letter arrived to us just last week with photos.  He writes as follows:

November 28, 2000

I am sending you documents that show the use of your charitable help which give detailed accounts of how your donation was used. Altogether we used $9,900 which is 53,814 grivnas.  The photos show the work being done.  The entire project (the sports-play pavillion) actually cost $12,260 which is 66,700 grivnas.  We are going to find the remainder with other contributors.  

I also want to inform you that that the medicines that you sent cleared customs. This required help from several people including officials from the Verhovna Rada, the vice-minister and the Ukrainian Ambassador in Great Britain Vasilenko.  We were, however, forced to a pay a penalty for medicines that were past expiration date.  

Victor, I am sincerely grateful for your great help that you are providing the Center and heavily ill children.

Sincere greetings from us, from Natalya, Anna and all workers at the Center. Special greetings to Beverly, Michael, Michael Snyder and all the people we became acquainted with.

Also, a special thanks to Christopher and Katherine Rowland for the scarf they sent. It warms me.  It's already freezing in Ukraine.

We at LifeNets are very happy to provide this desperately needed support. The medicines that we shipped nearly a year in bureaucratic red tape to clear customs, however, the much-needed medicines, especially muscle-stimulants for children with muscular dystrophy finally is being put to good use.

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