Indiana Weekend of 
August 13-16

Meeting with Indiana First Lady Judy O'Bannon
at the Governor's Residence in Indianapois

Patricia Gibson, Dr. Pasechnik and Larry Cimino 
at Eli Lilly Corporate Center

Dr. Vasyl Pasechnik addresses the 
United Church of God Terre Haute 
congregation August 15

Dr. Pasechnik paying special attention
to young Andrew Rowland at services in
the Lafayette United Church of God

A special interest in American corn

Dr. Vasyl Pasechnik and Suzan Johns
at Jim Osborn's warehouse where medical
supplies were stored

Taking a look at what we collected

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Meeting with Caterina Cregor Blitzer
Executive Director, International Center
of Indianapolis

At Lilly's World Headquarters in Indianapolis

Eli Lilly Headquarters

Dr. Pasechnik's was fascinated by the children's
 play area at Castleton Mall in

An evening hosted by Tom and Sue Peine

At the Jim Osborn's in Fillmore, Indiana where
medical supplies headed for Chernobyl were
stored.  From left: Jeff Osborn, Suzan Johns,
Victor Kubik, Tammy Charles,
Dr. Vasyl Pasechnik, Mike Snyder, Jim Osborn,
Caroline Whitt

...and soybeans

...and something else grown in the South