Maurice Frohn Has Been Busy

UPDATED: December 5, 1996

The story about Maurice Frohn's findings from our visit to Ukraine this past April is going to be featured in The London Daily Telegraph, in their worldwide weekend edition of December 14th.

Also, during one of Maurice Frohn's recent lectures a BBC official asked Maurice if he'd give the opening prayer for the start of one of BBC 4's programming days. Maurice has already done the prayer and short talk. It will be played on the air sometime in early December over all of the United Kingdom.

Maurice told me it's OK to share with you some of his promotion of the Chernobyl work we've been doing with you.....I'll let him tell you....he tells is so well...

From Maurice Frohn:

November 1, 1996

There is so much happening now. There are so many people interested in Chernobyl. On 14.10.96 I gave an illustrated lecture in Benenden Hospital - the hall was packed with standing room only. That one evening raised L 702 - 00 ($ 1074 - 00) and about one hundred boxes and sacks of toys, clothes, cot sheets, pencils, paper, crayons etc. have followed and are still flowing in.

A short Chernobyl article has been published in the county press and in the village church magazine. I will send them to you. Coffee mornings have been arranged and the local town operatic and drmatic society have offered to put on a benevolent show in January. People call at the house with articles ranging from a sheep skin coat to more soft toys. Forty ladies and two men (some blind) are knitting baby clothes in the next village as fast as they can go - and have asked for more wool! At this moment about thirty shoe boxes of toilettries have been given.

On Sunday 27.10.96 we were visited by Tony Budell - reputed to be Europe's foremost authority on convoy management. He has undertaken to transport all we can collect and a convoy left today for Dr. Pasechnik. This was his 57th east European trip. He has been shot at 6 times and ambushed 5 times but he keeps going. I convey the goods to a huge warehouse near Canterbury where the goods are sorted and classified into boxes. Some of course are rejected.

I am giving a lecture on Monday 4.11.96 in a Sevenoaks church (not Church of God). The Sub-editor of the Daily Telegraph is visiting on Monday also to finalise an article in the Weekend section. Other events are being organised.

The Chernobyl project has captured the imagination and people want to help. I hesitate to think of the response when it is known about nationally. I think it is very important to keep it all simple or else it will get out of control.

I am now getting ready to fly to Kiev and look forward to our reunion...

With love and best wishes to Beverley and yourself.

Maurice and Caroline

October 15, 1996

I have learned that when I push doors nothing happens but when God pushes doors fly open. The Summer has been slow but suddenly all has speeded up.

The Chernobyl lectures have produced the first L 1,000 - 00 ($ 1553 - 00) now in the bank. Offers of help are flowing in. A local Hospital has offered an operating table, a dental surgeon has offered dental lights and suckers and individuals are collecting soft and hard toys by the sack load and are asking what else they should collect.

The sub editor of the Daily Telegraph Week End Section is visiting me on November 4th for national and world publication of the Diary, probably during November. The sub editor of the local newspaper Kent Messenger is visiting me this week to publish a brief version of the Diary and an appeal for donations.

I think we have lift off! It is very exciting. I will keep in close touch.