On this website we are going to publish the Chornobyl research of Professor Yury I. Sayenko, Dr. Sc. (Economics) Deputy Director, Institute of Sociology of Ukraine. This will help the world community understand more about what really happens to people in the wake of a disaster the scope of Chornobyl.

From Dr. Yury I. Sayenko....

Greetings to all on the Worldwide Web!

Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and my work through colleagues, Victor Kubik and Maurice Frohn. We met in Kiev last year and plan to work together for a better Ukraine.

Ukraine is in a crisis economically and socially. The nation's health has significantly decreased since the Chornobyl disaster more than eleven years ago. The nation has also gone through unhealthy social changes that need to be known to the world. Our nation has the resources, knowledge and skills to be revived. What it needs most now is a support from people in the West who can help us find solutions to our problems.

This is being done to secure that more number of specialists and ordinary people would know of the situation in Ukraine, especially, regarding the social feeling of citizens, the social condition of the people suffered from the Chornobyl disaster. The knowledge of a real actual situation finds an understanding why the Ukrainian state and people have found themselves in the crisis, its depth and specific features. And this, in its turn, touches the souls and hearts, calls to them to come to rescue. Not necessarily material one. The main thing is to get a dialogue under way. And the process of dialogue itself will lead us out to a noble interaction.

Both Maurice and Victor have devoted themselves to helping our nation get back on its feet. They have worked with doctors, hospitals and missions in bringing help and encouragement to our people. Victor has offered to let me tell you more the sociological dynamics of our nation through his website, specifically his Chornobyl section. I want to tell the story about:

Prof. Yury I. Sayenko, Dr. Sc. (Economics) Deputy Director, Institute of Sociology, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Professor, Academy of Government Administration at the President of Ukraine Expert in Social, Political and Human

Maurice Frohn and Yuri Sayenko

Development in Ukraine, the United Nations Organization Expert in Social Programs and Projects, (Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Main Coordinator, Study of Social and Psychological Consequences of the (Chornobyl Disaster Expert, Social Protection in Ukraine TACIS Project Member, the Expert Council, the International Media Center "Internews-TV"

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