Update on Ivan Sobolev of Chernihev, Ukraine

Graduation Day

Posted December 26, 2008, written August 18, 2008

Report written by the Sobolev Family to LifeNets:

As to a good angel of our family, we would like to tell you about our success and achievements. Excuse us for our long silence.  I was at the sanitarium and there was no Internet there.  

In our LifeNets experience we don't always realize how much impact our help makes. This is a continuation of the story of Ivan Sobolev, now 29 years old, who became paralyzed in a diving accident in 2001  We were directed to Ivan by "Revival's" director Dr. Vasyl Pasichnyk while visiting Chernihev in January 2003 when our LifeNets Indiana delegation visited Ivan in his parents' apartment. 

This year at the sanitarium I defended my bachelor’s diploma. The examination committee came to see me.  Even though I was studying through distance learning, the defense of my degree had to be in person. We were in a very encouraged state of mind, since I defended my thesis “Business Project - Computer Club".  My work was evaluated as “excellent” and was also noted as a good analysis with a viable proposal. 

This has been a great morale booster in our lives. I am now considering my possibilities to furthering my education in a distance learning format.  

From the physical side, there is encouraging new. My hands are more confident and I have a greater scope of movement. This is amazing since these are movements that have developed naturally.  I have been able to sit easily in bed, move to the side, rise on my elbows and lean over.  And then understand that this is a very new development. I wasn’t able to do this. The statement “Movement is LIFE.”  And the RIGHT movements make for a healthy life!  

We are convinced that that only God’s Will and lots of rehabilitation work will yield good results.  

In the sanitarium we have met many people. Everyone has his life and his trial that has strapped them to their bed. And, yet we see God’s mercy in that He has sent people like you.  We are beyond words to express this in proper words for the constant concern that we feel. 

Let God give you health and strength, patience and endurance in your work.  

With great respect,  

Sobolev Family and Ivan

Ivan would be very happy to hear from you.

His email is jansan@ukr.net

     Ivan Sobolev
     Koroleva street 14а, apart. 19
     Ukraine 14034


Below are photos of the Graduation Ceremony When Ivan Received his Degree  Hit Counter