Dr. Vasyl Pasechnick Receives Highest Citizen's Award

by the President of Ukraine, Victor Yuschenko


posted November 14, 2005


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LifeNets has been working with the "Revival" Centre of Medical Social Rehabilitation of Disabled Children in Chernihev, Ukraine since before its opening in June of 1996.  It was founded by Dr. Vasyl Pasechnick and two other doctors. Dr. Pasechnick was the head pediatrician in the province closest to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and one of the first to treat victims of the disaster in April 1986. 


He has become a close friend of ours as we have worked together to build a unique center to rehabilitate children not only medically, but socially as well, integrating them into society.  He has been our guest in Indiana on two occasions in 1999 and 2003.  Our history of working with Dr. Pasechnick is documented on our website at www.lifenets.org/chernobyl.


On August 24, 2005 he received the highest citizen's award.  Dr. P. describes the event:


What reads on the award is this:  From the President of Ukraine, the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise.  It is given to honor citizens that have contributed significantly to the Ukraine by building up the nation, strengthening the international influence of Ukraine, helping to advance the economy, science education, culture, art, protection of health and for humanitarian and civic activity.

From the President of Ukraine,
the Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise.

On right is Dr. Vasyl Pasechnick with his wife Natalya


He received this award on August 24, the 14th anniversary of Ukraine’s Independence. The award was given at President Victor Yuschenko’s Residence called the Mariyinski Palace. It was a festive celebration.


This was an unforgettable day!  For us to be so honored and as the President and to be called  the “elite of the nation” by him. On this day at 6 pm there was a festive reception of the President and his wife Katerina on the grounds of St. Sophia’s cathedral in Kiev.  At the reception there were nearly 1000 people, all governmental officials, diplomats, many noted people from Ukraine and guests from foreign countries.  At the reception I was honored by becoming acquainted with the President’s wife Katherine Yuschenko.  I briefly told her about the founding and the work of the Centre and I invited her to come and visit us. She agreed to do so.The wife of the Presdent heads the charitable fund “Ukraine 3000.” which helps children.  It would be very good if she would come and see us.  I sent her an e-mail and digital photos of the Center.


As I was standing to receive my award I stood next to the Ambassador from the United States to Ukraine John Herbst and his wife. Unfortunately I could not talk to him because I do not speak the English language and was not able to become acquainted with him.


The Kiev Sofia Cathedral grounds where the reception took place in the 11th century was the residence of Prince Yaroslav the Wise from where he ruled the Kiev Rus for 37 years and where he was buried in a marble tomb in 1054 AD.


Dr. Vasyl Pasechnick with
administrative assistant
Natasha Blizniuk


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