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December 21, 2009                                                             Issue No. 8
In this issue
Wheelchair Goes to to Kenya as Part of Youth Corps Project
Report from Dr. Sam Chilopora in Malawi about Goats for Orphans
Goats for Community in Zimbabwe
Our Continuing Work with Chernobyl Children--report by Dr. Vasyl Pasichnyk
Formal Tea Fundraiser for Malawi in Piscataway, New Jersey
Dear Victor and Beverly,
     We have not posted an eNews letter since August 28th, but it's not because of a lack of news and happenings. We had our most profitable and busy third quarter ever and we chose only a few stories for this issue. We hope to have another newsletter follow quite soon with more about what we are doing around the world. We want to talk about the secondary school for 200-300 in Malawi, our scholarship program, computers for students subset of the scholarship program, our livelihood development projects and more.
     Last week we mailed out our our conventional year-end letter. About 1700 pieces were sent that included 700 2010 calendars to our donors. We do all our own mailing with volunteers. The work is fun! You can see the year-end letter, four-fold brochure telling you what LifeNets is and calendar at
     Your support and interest in our projects to give people a "hand up" is greatly appreciated. It's been a great ride for the first ten years of LifeNets existence. To see successful outcomes in people's lives is so gratifying to all of us involved with LifeNets.  I want to again thank everyone, our volunteers, donors, staff and board of directors for being so supportive of our Mission.
     It's still not too late to make a year-end (tax-exempt in the US) donation. You can even pay by credit card or PayPal from the home page of our Website
     Enjoy the stories!
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Wheelchair Goes to to Kenya as Part of UCG Youth Corps Project
by Jeremy Lalllier     
     This wheelchair is part of the Youth Corps project. I will be helping out at the summer camp that we run in Kenya, and then spending the following week visiting people. I will be leaving for Kenya Sunday December 13, 2009 and returning December 31. The wheelchair will be coming with me on the flight, and then Mr. Antonio Ndungu (who alerted us to the need) will take us to present the chair to the boy. Below is what Mr. Ndungu wrote to me about him.
 Jeremy Lallier and Beverly Kubik
  Jeremy Lallier and Beverly Kubik
     "Thank you very much for this good news. I cannot explain how exited I am for the assistance of a Wheel to this needy young boy. His name is Edwin Ng'ethe Ndung'u and now 10 years old. He was born with a spine problem "[Spina] Bifida" and therefore has no nerve feelings on his lower part of the body. He has been in that condition since childhood.
      This no doubt means that he cannot stand on his own and has to be lifted to be placed on the Wheel Chair. The boys parents are in our village.       
      The wheel chair he is now using is in bad condition and they parents could not afford another one for replacement as they are not financially in a position to do so. They have been looking for someone to assist them get another one for over 12 months now and when recently I learned of their plight I was so touched. He attends a school nearby in Class 1 and now will be in position to attend classes on the wheelchair."
     God's hand has already been so involved with the planning of this trip, but I think being able to provide a wheelchair to someone in need has thus far been the icing on the cake.
Report from Dr. Sam Chilopora in Malawi about Goats for Orphans
      Proceeds from the June 28 Tea in Piscataway, New Jersey were earmarked for the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre in Balaka Malawi. Look further in the newsletter for story about the Tea. Specifically, the the ladies wanted the money to go for goats for the children. The Chiloporas invite about 100 at risk children in Balaka to come to the Chizeni Health Clinic each week for food and a health assessment. What Sam and Esther Chilopora have done has greatly helped the children in the area. 
 Sam and Esther Chilopora
          Esther and Sam Chilopora 
This year, with consultation by Dr. Chilopora and the chief in the village, it was decided that the funds should go to purchase goats for the children. Following the Tea, $2,000 was sent as the first installment of the donations that were raised. The first thing that had to be done was to build a brick corral as a home for the goats.  
      In a conversation with Dr. Chilopora on October 25 Beverly Kubik learned that the corral for the goats has now been built and there is money to purchase forty goats. Additional funds which were raised for this project were sent later. There items of need for the orphan community are Bed Nets (mosquito nets) and fertilizer to boost crop production in the gardens. For many, the only source of income and food comes from a small garden.    
     On another note from Dr. Chilopora, The Chizeni Health Chinic which LifeNets has funded, is now completed with the final stage being the addition of razor wire at the top of the six foot wall that protects the clinic. Dr Chilopora and his wife Esther, who is a nurse and midwife, have dedicated their lives to their people and the communities that surround the clinic. Their son Garvey is following in their footsteps and is finishing his medical studies in South Africa with the intention of returning to Malawi after another year and one-half.
Goats for Community in Zimbabwe
     Through our South Africa LifeNets affiliate we have started a successful goat-raising project in Zimbabwe. It's not easy doing anything in Zimbabwe and we have had to bring money in hand to finance this and other projects.
      Earlier in August Steven Tshabalala in Bulawayo wrote to us saying: 
      I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude on behalf of those living in Chember, Gokwe, Zimbabwe for the money that I received from LifeNets through South Africa LifeNets Director Mr. Andre van Belkum to buy goats so as to help the 11 people to start a goat keeping project. We were able to purchase six goats, one he-goat and five she-goats.
      Four of the goats will be having kids sometime in November 2009.  We are planning to visit Gokwe again and take pictures of the goats and members and send them to you.Once again, thank you and may God bless you for the wonderful work you are doing.
  Mr. and Mrs. Gorondo and the goats
     Mr. and Mrs. Gorondo and the goats
In late October Mr. Tshabalala gave a further report and enclosed the photo.
      On the 16th of October 2009, I visited Mr. and Mrs. Gorondo who are farmers in Chemba Gokwe. Gokwe is 290kms from Bulawayo and it took me 10 hours there. On my way back on the 20th of October, it took me 18 hours to travel from Gokwe to Bulawayo. 
     The Gorondos are well and they are now waiting for the rain season to begin so that they can start ploughing their land which will be difficult as they have no oxen or ploughs to till the land. They hire a span of oxen from their neighbours but they only get them at the end of the ploughing season when they the neighbours have finished using them.
     Mr. Gorondo and his family are happy that LifeNets helped them start a goat-keeping project which is doing very well. Mr Gorondo who has kept cattle and goats before has faith in God that this project will succeed because as can be seen in the picture a well is being dug which is also funded by LifeNets, So far they have dug 46 meters and the diggers expert to find water soon, at the depth of 50 or so meters.
     The well will help the Gorondos have water for the goats and for themselves as they often walk a long distance to fetch water for themselves and their animals,
When I was in Gokwe, Mrs. Gorondo woke up early in the morning to go and beg for water from those who have bore holes,but came back late as the owners of the bore holes do not want to give them water even though they pay  80kg of maize which is their much needed staple food.
     The goat Project is progressing very well.We had bought six goats.One he-goatand 5-she goats,two have given birth to two healthy kids and we expect more very soon.
     People in Gokwe need a cattle keeping project, which will help them with draught power and milk.
     As the rain season begins, thesemembers will hire people with a span of oxen to plough their Land, but they will only come to plough at the end of the rain season after first making sure that their own land is first ploughed
Our Continuing Work with Chernobyl Children--Report by Dr. Vasyl Pasichnyk 
     LifeNets continues to support children at the "Revival" Centre for Disabled Children 40 miles east of Chernobyl. Our support goes back to 1996 predating the founding of LifeNets. It's been a joy to be a part of the startup of this center to help so many children.You can see our extensive history working with the Centre on our Website at Vasyl Pasichnyk or Dr. "P", as he is lovingly called, writes this report for our newsletter:
      This has been the second year that we have been functioning as a Rehabilitation Centre for children who are not local and who stay overnight. Our provincial government provides the financial aid for this. We have capacity for 30 children to stay in this facility, we need much more capacity.Therefore, a decision was made to expand this number by another 60. The project has already been planned. Because of the current difficult economic conditions, we were not able to start the project as we had hoped this year.Children participate in programs.  Here's one of them  
     Since April 1 this year we added 14 youths to Galina Mayurenko's department. This is two more groups of eight seriously ill children. The local provincial government is taking care of those finances.  We have another section of vocational rehabilitation for 50 more children.  
     As to our "Revival" Centre, due to financial shortfall, we have had to lower our intake of children's visits to 30 per day. And only thanks to charitable organizations such as LifeNets we have been able to do this kind of charitable work. Right now "Revival" is able to handle a total of 170-180 children per month. We are happy to report that in almost all cases we have significant progress in the state of the children. The children not only have intensive treatment, but they have lots of entertaining activities that they take part in.
Formal Tea Fundraiser for Malawi in Piscataway, New Jersey
     On June 28th a group of ladies and a few men gathered for a beautiful formal Tea on the lawn of Dr. Barbara Walls in Piscataway New Jersey. What was the purpose for the Tea? It was a fund raiser for a community of needy and orphaned children in Malawi (see story above). Dr. Barbara Walls and her friends have committed themselves to supporting the Orphan Care Center which was established by Dr. and Mrs. Chilopora.
 Dr. Barbara Walls and Beverly Kubik
  Dr. Barbara Walls and Beverly Kubik
More than $4000 was raised for this coming year's efforts. Two thousand dollars, however, was given to provide goats for the community. Goats are very important for milk and meat. Orphan children under age five come to the Balaka Chizeni Clinic from two communities within walking distance where children are given a medical assessment, food and instruction for their guardians and caregivers. LifeNets has operated this Centre now for six years at a cost of about $5000 a year. This essentially provides for the food and medicine.
     The program stated with our signature song "Ordinary People."  Dave Johnson was the Master of Ceremonies and introduced Dr. Walls who welcomed the guests, including former Piscataway Mayor Helen Merolla and faculty from the School of Medicine at nearby Rutgers University. This was truly an inspiring event: It helped people, it helped focus attention on the work of LifeNets for orphans, it brought people together to focus on making a difference. It gave LifeNets the resources and courage to continue its mission with the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre in Balaka, Malawi. Read more about this on our Website at  You can read about it at
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