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July 15, 2009                                                             Issue No. 6 
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LifeNets Puget Sound Chapter Provides Wheelchair to Tacoma Disabled Theft Victim -- KOMO-TV Story......
Bill Gates Sr. Interviewed by LifeNets Representative Christina Davis
North Dakota Chapter News
Continuing Work with Chernobyl Children
From Chernihev, Ukraine
It's been three years since I've visited our friends who do a masterful job in helping rehabilitate children here 40 miles from site of worst nuclear disaster on this planet. After 23 years, the effects of that infamous tragedy still take their toll--now on to another generation.  We will have further reports and you can read our current travel blog about about the Chernobyl area by clicking right here. 
     I'm the guest of Dr. Vasyl Pasechnyk and his wife Natalia. During the Chernobyl accident he was the head pediatrician in this area and treated the first chldren victims.  We will have more reports when I return home after today. 
     Thanks for your support and encouragement of our programs that indeed have brought wonderful improvement and dignity to the disadvantaged.   
                                                                   VK signature
                                                                     Victor Kubik
LifeNets Puget Sound Chapter Provides Wheelchair to Tacoma Disabled Theft Victim -- KOMO-TV Story
 Hagens in Tacoma
Cherie Hagen with disabled son Andrew 
Seattle's ABC Affiliate KOMO News 4's (
Problem Solver's program helped a Tacoma man obtain another wheelchair. In response to the story, several people volunteered a wheelchair, including LifeNets.  A deluxe model was chosen and given to Andrew Hagan Monday, the day after KOMO aired the story which was May 11, 2009..  Unfortunately, it turned out that new chair too heavy and not easily collapsed so it could be put into his Mother 's car when she picked him up from his classes. 
A couple of days later, KOMO's Jennifer Austin called Catherine Brumbaugh, LifeNets Puget Sound member, who had called after seeing the program but could not obtain a chair that Monday. 
     Working with Alix Kubik, LifeNets wheelchair program coordinator, a chair was located in the Seattle area, picked up in north Seattle and taken south to an arranged meeting with Ms. Hagan and her son Andrew.  Ms. Hagan was very happy to have a lighter weight model that was easy to fold and store in her car's trunk. 
     KOMO added information about LifeNets to its website story about the Hagans.

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Bill Gates Sr. Interviewed by LifeNets Representative Christina Davis
Bill Gates Sr. spoke at Seattle University Albers School of Business Tuesday, May 19th to promote his new book, Showing Up for Life:Thoughts on the Gifts of a Lifetime.  LifeNets intern and Seattle University junior, Christina Davis served as the undergraduate representative to interview Mr. Gates at the event. 
 Bill Gates, Sr.
     Bill Gates, Sr. 

     Christina worked with LifeNets in Malawi, Africa researching scholarship recipients and teaching business fundamentals to microloan recipients. Mr. Gates is co-chairman of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the largest transparently operated private foundation in the world. 
     In her questions, Christina asked Mr. Gates to reflect on his hope in young people engaged in service. When Christina asked him to describe young leaders that give him hope, he responded right back at her.  "It's like what you did Christina!" He responded that more youth need to get involved in service efforts similar to Christina's work with LifeNets in Malawi. 
     Like LifeNets, the Gates Foundation invests heavily in education programs (scholarships and school infrastructure funding) and Mr. Gates stated improving youth education achievement would avail many of the world's biggest problems. 
     Beyond his efforts at the foundation, Mr. Gates reflected his most important roles as a father, husband, lawyer, community leader and someone who "shows up."  Christina was honored to interview Mr. Gates and represent LifeNets and Seattle University at the event.
North Dakota Chapter News
 Ralph and Pam Redline
Pam Redline, LifeNets North Dakota Chapter President, with husband Ralph 
The North Dakota Chapter of LifeNets now has a web page under construction.  You can find us at       
     This year the ND Chapter will host a self paced triathlon which is a change of format from our regular "street triathlon".  Because of facility and staff changes, we have decided to take this year to re-organize our chapter. The triathlon has become so popular we feel it is in our best interest to be well organized with a very well planned event. All of the information regarding the self paced triathlon including registration and event description, will be posted on our web site when it becomes active within the next few weeks.  Please join us by participating as there are events for all ages and all ability levels. 
    Since the triathlon has been the main focal point for our chapter, instead of spreading ourselves out over more projects, the Triathlon Committee has decided to continue to build our event as it has become a well known and is a great fund raising event for LifeNets.  As LifeNets becomes more well known, our hope is to expand our activities and efforts into other areas.
    We have many athletes asking us when our next event will be.  Triathletes schedule their competitions as early as December for the next year.  Plans are already underway for August, 2010, when we host our 5th annual LifeNets Mandan Triathlon.  We also plan to continue with the self paced event in order to address the desire of our out-of-town athletes who are unable to attend.
     This self-paced event may be completed over a 40 day time span.  Our goal has always been to include athletes from all over North America in our triathlon.  With this format, we can all participate at the same time on a nation-wide scale.  This format also allows us to invite participants from all over the world to participate as many nations know of LifeNets and their good works around the world.  Many athletes have expressed their wish to participate in our triathlon but time and distances have prevented their attendance and support.  This new format allows participants to enjoy a triathlon right in their own neighborhood while supporting the wonderful projects of LifeNets, without adding to the economic challenges we all are facing.
    Final dates for the event are forthcoming and will be posted on our new Web site. 
                                                                  - Pam Redline
                                                                  President LifeNets North Dakota
Continuing Work with Chernobyl Children -- Report by Dr. Vasyl Pasechnyk
April 8, 2009
I'd like to inform you about our activities. This has been the second year that we have been functioning as a Rehabilitation Center for children who are not local. Our provincial government provides the financial aid for this.  We have capacity for 30 children to stay overnight. But, we need much more. Therefore, a decision was made to expand this number by another 60. The project has already been planned. Because of the current difficult economic conditions, we don't know if we will be able to start this project this year.  
From April 1 this year we are adding to the 14 youths Galina Mayurenko's department two more groups of eight seriously ill children. The local provincial government is taking care of those finances.  We have another section of vocational rehabilitation for 50 more children.
As to our "Revival" Centre, due to financial shortfall, we have had to lower our intake of children's visits to 30 per day. And only thanks to charitable organizations we have been able to do this kind of charitable work. Right now "Revival" is able to handle a total of 170-180 children per month. We are happy to report that in almost all cases we have significant progress in the state of the children. The children not only have intensive treatment, but they have lots of entertaining activities that they take part in.  

                                                                 - Dr. Vasyl Pasechnyk
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