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June 5, 2009                                                    Issue No. 5
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New Suriname Street Children's Project!
Another wheelchair delivered
Loving in Deed
UCG Fundraisers
LifeNets history: The Izabal Project
We've had a lot of exciting activity at LifeNets this past month. 
     First, we have committed ourselves to a new project for disadvantaged children. This time it's in Suriname, a former Dutch colony in northern South America. What makes our projects successful is that we work with reliable people we know well on the ground to make certain our money is used to provide the best possible outcomes. You can read about Suriname in the stories below. This will make three such project we manage. The other two are in Ukraine and Malawi.

     In about a month six of us will be headed for Ukraine to teach English as a second language.  Our team this year is comprised of three from the United States, two from France and one from Germany. This is the second year for this project and we now have people asking to come in 2010.

     In last month's newsletter we wrote about the new electric submersible electric water pump we installed in Zimbabwe. It will provide water for more than 50 people and plenty of irrigation. Since the story we received photos from Andre van Belkum, LifeNets director in South Africa. We've posted the story on our Website with added photos at

     We have more news than we can practically include in one newsletter. If you are on FACEBOOK and haven't done so, how about becoming a FAN of LifeNets?  You will then receive news updates as they happen. Click here to become a FAN.  

     Thanks for your support and encouragement of our programs that indeed have brought wonderful improvement and dignity to the disadvantaged.   
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                                                                     Victor Kubik
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New LifeNets Project: Suriname Street Children's Program in Paramaribo
 Marcia Dalfour provides education for the children
Marcia Dalfour conducts education program  
Claid and Marcia Dalfour have started a development project for low-income children in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. They rented a small meeting hall in Paramaribo. It is actually a small house that was unfinished when they first rented it. The roof was not completely in place, the interior was totally unfinished and the floor of the building was just dirt. With a lot of "sweat equity" they have turned the building into a place where they can have conduct their in the neighborhood. 
     Each Saturday they meet with some 30 children ages 3-7 for 2-3 hours. Some of the children who participate do not have shoes. The Dalfours teach them basic Christian principles via hymns, which the children memorize.   
 The meeting hall in Paramaribo
Building where the program is conducted 
They help the older children with elementary reading skills, and they teach all the children basic social skills like saying "Please" and "Thank you." The Dalfours have downloaded some basic children's material from the Internet and use it for their instruction. The texts are in English, but they always explain everything in Dutch so the children can understand. When the lesson is finished, the children receive a warm lunch before they return home. 
     The Dalfours have been providing this service for about 9 months now, paying for everything from their own income. Marcia works as a governmental nurse supervisor in Paramaribo, and Claid is a music teacher.
     It is the desire of LifeNets to support this well-run project which simply needs financing.   
     We will be working with Paul Kieffer who is regional director for the United Church of God for the German and Dutch-speaking areas.  He visited this area in January/February and gave us an enthusiastic report the work of the Dalfours. 
We are looking for sponsors to help sustain this project. Write to us at
Another Wheelchair Delivery 
Gerald Hoyer delivering wheelchair to recipient in Mesa, ArizonaSince 2001 LifeNets has operated The WheelChair Project which has turned out to be a unique matching program for people with no longer needed wheelchairs with those who need them, but cannot afford them.  Since that time we have given mobility to hundreds of people and provided tax-exempt receipts to donors.
     On the left is one of our Arizona volunteers, Gerald Hoyer, delivering a power chair to recipient in Mesa.  

     We are always looking for chairs in good condition ready to pass on.  At this time we have two requests for each chair that we have available.

     Read more about our program at or go to our automatic wheelchair matching site at  
Bev Kubik Speaks About Loving in Deed at Women's Seminar in Phoenix
LifeNets Grants Beverly Kubik speaks at Phoenix Women's Seminar about Loving in DeedCoordinator Beverly Kubik spoke at United Church of God's Women's Seminar in Phoenix on March 15.  The theme of the weekend was "The Joy of Loving in Deed." Bev spoke about the various examples of how the real test of love is in the doing of good for others.  She recounts various examples of how this is  demonstrated in various LifeNets projects. These outcomes are what LifeNets is all about.  You can read the entire presentation and see a short PowerPoint at
United Church of God Fundraisers for LifeNets
Two United Churches of God in Ohio provided funding for our projects in the first half of this year.  
     On January 24th the Columbus, Ohio congregation held a Caribbean Island Social which held included a silent auction.  More than $800 was raised.  Pastor Randy Stiver commented, "We have been raising money for LifeNets while having a lot of fun with our annual fun show and silent auction." The church made an afghan and Connie Seiffert donated paintings to sell. High quality birdhouses were also a popular item. 
     On March 28 the United Church of God Canton held a fundraiser that raised more about $725. 

     The donations from both these fundraisers will be used to for scholarships, education and computers for our young people on our Developing Nations Scholarship Program.
LifeNets History: The Izabal Project
Friendly ConfinesWe have reported very little about this wonderful project that lasted almost three years from 2003-2006. 

     This is a story about Jon and Barbara Brightman from Chicago who regularly took their 42 foot sailboat Friendly Confines (right) to the Atlantic side of Guatemala in the winter time. They found about our work with scholarships and habitat in Guatemala at that time on the Internet. Jon and Barbara wanted to do something similar for children they came in contact with in the Esmeralda area where they moored their sailboat. 
     Through fundraisers and donations they were able to raise money that went for lots of shoes, scholarships and more.  They became well-known to the people of Esmeralda. When the Brightman's returned to Chicago the question heard was, "When are the Gringos with the shoes coming back?" 

     You can read more about our Izabal project at and see some of the newsletters with stories and pictures of the people the Brightman's worked with. When the Brightman's were no longer returning to Guatemala, they allowed LifeNets to use the remainder of the funds for other Guatemala projects.
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