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December 31, 2012                                                          Issue No. 19
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Guatemala Scholarships
LifeNets YouTube Videos of 2012
Omaha Kids Care for Malawi



We have come to the end of yet another wonderful year of LifeNets activities.  We thank you once again for your interest and support.  


Our success is measured in OUTCOMES of the activities we engage in. When we see people's economic, mental and spiritual plateaus rise, we thank God for the work done in which there has been profit.  


The stories in this eNews are quite different. One project, our Developing Nations Scholarship Fund, is our biggest. The other is a relatively small event, but one in which young people in a Nebraska school cared enough to send humanitarian items to the faraway country of Malawi.  Both projects underline the diversity of the people we help and the people who do the helping.   


We have been very satisfied that now for 14 years we have a stable and sound base of supporters who have various interests to help with food, water security, education, livelihood, personal contact and missions to reach to the disadvantaged and vulnerable.  


You can still make a 2012 tax-exempt donation to LifeNets by going to the home page of website and donating there by credit card or PayPal.  Or, you can still postmark a check for 2012 if you act today. 


Remember that our address has changed.  Please direct correspondence to 


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We wish you all the best in the coming year. Thanks for working with us.  


                                                       Victor Kubik                                 




Victor Kubik
LifeNets, President 
Guatemala Scholarships 
LifeNets sponsors students for higher education in several places around the world.  Currently we have about 60 students to whom we award more than $75,000 annually in scholarships.  In Guatemala we currently have about 12 students receiving scholarships.  Read some of the testimonials about how this support is making life-changing differences to these young people.



ElizabethElizabeth Lucia Gordillo

National University USAC-CUNDECH

Age: 19 years

Career: Law and Social Sciences

Semester: Third


I am currently enrolled in the third semester of Law and Social Sciences, so thank you for having considered me in the LifeNets scholarship program  It is worth mentioning that I do not work hence I am totally dedicated to my career. Thanks for the support you have given me.



FreddyFreddy Javier Estuardo Perez Zelada

Universidad del Valle de Guatemala

Faculty of Science and Humanities

Bachelor degree in Physics

LifeNets has given me the facility to buy my books and support materials that help me to enrich the knowledge of my career, as well as laboratory accessories. It is really a blessing to have this support.


Laura Beatriz Motta Gordillo (19 years old)

LauraUniversity of San Carlos de Guatemala

 7 semester of Bachelor of Tourism and Hotel Management.


The scholarships program of the LifeNets helps me to cover part of the expenses of my career; I am very grateful for the help provided. Nevertheless, if it were possible I would appreciate

an extended help since I am completely dedicated to my career and I do not count on any other income.




NasserNasser José Robledo Falabella

Age: 19 years

Career: Medicine

Study Center: Francisco Marroquin University.

Semester: third


Well, thanks to financial support I received from LifeNet I could continue my studies; as this career is a high cost one, your economic support has motivated me to keep going to reach the goal of carrying it out until I become a skilled physician.I value very much the effort, concern and support you have given me since these difficult times Guatemala's economy is facing, makes it all the more appreciated the help provided. Thank you!  Best regards and blessings. 



Lidani Loady Ac Osorio Lidani


I thank so much to God in the first place and also to all of you for giving us the opportunity of academic growth and thus, through these scholarships, to have the means to continue our studies; just like many others. I could not afford my studies on my own. I am then committed to work hard and put the acquired knowledge to serving.

LifeNets YouTube Videos of 2012 
 Here are two YouTube videos we made for the ABC Charity Auction on April 29 which raised about $5000 towards our scholarship fund.  The third one was made by John Elliott describing the Dunya Orphans school in Kenya for whom we helped build a school building. 
2012 ABC Charity Evening for LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Program
2012 ABC Charity Evening for LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Program
LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Fund Video
LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Fund Video
Dunya Orphans School - Classroom Construction
Dunya Orphans School - LifeNets Involvement with Classroom Construction
Omaha Kids Care for Malawi
We received a request from the mother of a young lady, Briana Murphy in Omaha, Nebraska whose school wanted to help some people in Africa with a 25 pound shipment of goods. Since we know of places and people who would be appreciate and benefit from such, we helped arrange the shipping location. The children collected the items and the high school paid the shipping.
Omaha School Kids Omaha schoolkids  
                  The students who helped out. Briana is in the green on right-hand photo  

The items were shipped to Blantyre, Malawi and were distributed there in October to those who need such items. Malawi is the third poorest country in the world, according to United Nations statistics. 


You can read more about our work in Malawi by visiting

Listing of the items shipped:


6 yds fabric
9 pr. Underwear
50 pk glow in the dark stars
2 pr. Reading glasses
Iced tea mix
5 toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss
8 pk kid's lip gloss
2 wide combs
60 colored balloons
Beading wire
Sewing needles
3 pr. Child flip flops
Paper, pens, crayons, pencils, markers
Pencil sharpeners
Water bottles
Kleenex, toilet paper  

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