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March 19, 2010                                                            Issue No. 10
In this issue
President of Ukraine visits our Chernobyl project
Filipinos aided in aftermath of supertyphoon "Parma"
For Patuma, mobility is more than a "convenience"
Boot Scoot fundraiser for scholarships in Ft. Worth, Texas
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This is our first eNews of the year. Looking back, 2009 was our best year ever in positive outcomes in all programs and services. We derive great joy in seeing people make significant headway with education, mobility, livelihood development, access to clean water and the other areas that we engage.
     We will mail out the 2009 Annual Report by mid-April giving our financials and summary of programs.  You can always our reports and I-990 forms on Guidestar at  We thank EVERYONE who has contributed financially or who has provided volunteer support. We thank people who have organized special events or have provided a collection jar (Change for Change) at work or church to support LifeNets.
     This past week we started an improved blog at We now have a team of tech-savvy people who write their own blogs who want to help. One need we still have is for someone proficient in editing Cascade Style Sheets (CSS). We want to make improvements to our blog layout.

     We find that people vary in how they like to be informed. Some like a eNewsletter like this one, some follow blogs and RSS feeds, some visit our Website while still others hang around Facebook and / or combination of the above.
     Our Facebook Fan Page list stands at 1448 fans. More and more people are inviting their friends to join. We greatly appreciate the encouraging remarks to our postings.  Remember, you can see all of our eNewsletters at
   Thanks for your interest in LifeNets! We appreciate you making LifeNets your charity of choice.
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Ukraine President Yuschenko Visits Our Chernobyl Project
On January 11, 2010, near the end of his term, the President of Ukraine, Victor
Ukraine President Yuschenko in Chernihev

President Yuschenko speaks to children at "Revival" Centre

Yuschenko, visited the "Revival" Centre of Rehabilitation in Chernihev, Ukraine. LifeNets has been on the ground floor of establishing and supporting this wonderful Center for disabled children. We've been working with the founding doctors since 1996. Our work there has opened the doors to everything else that we've done with LifeNets. Our history can be found at

     While he was giving a tour to the President, in the choreographic wing of the Centre, Director Dr. Pasichnyk pointed out the plaque on the wall showing the names of the LifeNets donors who contributed to the construction of this wing.  The President in a very pleasant way acknowledged the work of LifeNets with the Rehabilitation Center. 
    On January 13, the President invited Dr. Pasichnkyk's wife Natalya to Kiev to present with her with a special service award for her efforts as a neurologist and a founder of the "Revival Center." 
     See complete Web story with more photos at
Filipinos Aided in Aftermath of Super Typhoon Parma
Super typhoon Parma raged for several weeks in October/November 2009 and claimed more than 1100 lives in the Philippines. You can see the tracking of the storm as
Tracking Parma
Tracking Parma
pounded the northern part of the nation.
     LifeNets assisted a number of families, mostly in San Fabian, Pangasinan, about 150 miles north of Manila, who either lost their homes or suffered severe storm and flood damage. We helped a few get their small back enterprises back up and running. 
      Here are the comments from the people who were assisted by LifeNets after they had been damaged by the flooding:   
"We used the money to hire additional help to clean the mud from our belongings like furniture, appliances and even the whole house.  We also bought  food for the family." -   San Fabian, Pangasinan
     "The amount given to us, we bought food, clothing and school uniforms to replace the damaged ones. The rest we used to re-start our uling (charcoal) repacking and selling business." -widow with 3 children from San Fabian, Pangasinan
     "The money was used for our daily expenses, purchased school supplies and clothes for the children. The rest was used for our household expenses."  
     "We used the money to re-open our small store which went under water during the flooding". - family in  San Fabian, Pangasinan
     "We used the financial assistance to buy clothes for our family especially our five-month baby. We also bought much needed food for our family." -  from San Fabian, Pangasinan

Story on Web at

Mobility is More Than "Convenience" for Patuma in Balaka, Malawi
LifeNets responded to a plea for mobility from Patuma Wyson in Balaka, Malawi through our representative Wordsworth Rashid. The two photos below tell it all. Mobility isn't just "convenience."  It's a new ife. The couple in the right-hand photo is our beloved Dr. Sam Chilopora and his wife Esther who run the Chizeni Clinic and LifeNets Orphan Care Centre. 
Patuma Before
        Before:  "Mobility" for Patuma
 Patuma After
          After: LifeNets Wheelchair
Boot Scoot Fundraiser for Scholarship Program March 6, 2010
The 2010 Ft. Worth Boot Scoot and Barbecue was a lot of fun and the most successful of the three that we've held in Ft. Worth, Texas. It raised money for scholarships for students in Malawi,
Bev Kubik at Boot Scoot
Beverly Kubik speaks about the Scholarship Program
Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, Ghana and other places. About 145 people were registered for the barbecue dinner...up from 100 last year.  $6300 was raised for the LifeNets Developing Nations Scholarship Fund which is about 10% of our annual budget.

     The evening started with a barbecue beef rib and chicken dinner, followed great music from Soundpost, silent auction and presentation by Kelli Hogg, Bev Kubik and Larry Cleveland who established the Ruth Ann Cleveland Memorial Scholarship Fund.It was started with $1150 in donations. The silent auction contained many valuable and fun items and was well-visited. The big items raffled off were a 42 inch TV, netbook computer and a cedar chest.
     Currently LifeNets is providing more than 40 student scholarships at an average cost of $1550 per year.  Some scholarships include extras such as a bicycle for transportation which is more cost effective in the long run than public transportation.  For our Computer Science and some other students we provide laptop computers.

     While many people helped make this a great event, we want to give special thanks to Brenda and Willis Hogg and their daughter Kelli for putting their whole heart into organizing this event.  We give special thanks to Soundpost, a great Ft. Worth band for the great music and the fun spirit that filled the entire evening.
     You see a YouTube clip of this evening enjoyable events at
     Full Web story with more photos at
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