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November 12, 2010                                                            Issue No. 11
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Mosquito Nets Reduce Our Malawi Orphans Mortality Rate to Zero
Profile of Developing Nations Scholarship Grantee
Wheelchair Update by Michael Kubik
Helping in Haiti
LifeNets Board Meeting November 7, 2010
        It's been a several months since our last eNews. We seem to get the news out in spurts.   Our Website at always gives timely updates. Our LifeNets Facebook fan page now has more than 1740 fans.  You can easily join at        
Annual Report 2009
Annual Report (click on image)

        Since writing last we held three special fundraising events. The first was in Seattle where the Skyline Rotary Club raised $11,000 for our plan to build a school in Kenya.  In June a brunch was held in Queens, New York for the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre in Balaka, Malawi.  And in August our annual Triathlon in Mandan, North Dakota raised money for local North Dakota LifeNets chapter projects.
Some of the highlights of this past period have been the opening of the the Oasis of LifeNets nursery school in Lilongwe, Malawi.  We have also added several new scholarships for our Developing Nations Scholarship fund in the Philippines, Armenia, Zimbabwe and Ukraine.  We also paid the tuition for an international student coming to ABC in Cincinnati, Ohio. So, there's a lot happening. We thank all the volunteers who keep our projects going and thank our donors who give us regular support.

         In July we also mailed out our last Annual Report. Click on the cover image to see a PDF of the report.
         Special thanks goes to Katherine Rowland who keeps up our blog at  We feature a LifeNets story every week on that blog. You can have blog posting come to your email automatically by subscribing.          
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Mosquito Nets Reduce Our Malawi Orphans Mortality Rate to Zero

        Three years ago we began to distribute mosquito nets to Chapita Village. The people of the village greatly appreciate the work being done not only to improve the nutrition and health of the children, but by the latest gifts of treated mosquito nets during 2010. The first ones were distributed in January and February, during the rainy season of the year when malaria is prevalent.  The remainder of the distribution of 200 nets occurred in August.

Children Receiving Mosquito Nets
Children receiving mosquito nets
        The nets have made a big difference, especially during the rainy season when malaria-carrying mosquitoes come out in the evening.  Forty to 50 percent of the children's deaths under age five are due to malaria. Since we have been helping with mosquito nets, NOT ONE CHILD has died of malaria with the group that the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre works with.
        The children and guardians of Chapita Village are give thanks to LifeNets and all who contributed to this work. 

        Special thanks goes to United Church of God youth in Portland, Oregon for their cherry picking fundraiser that provided $2000 towards this project.  Thanks! 

Dr. Sam Chilopora and his wife Esther established the LifeNets Orphan Care Centre in 2004 and have been helping hundreds and hundreds of orphans. 

See more stories at

Profile of Developing Nations Scholarship Grantee
        I'm Rhodrick Haiton Thungula, 28 years old. I live in Lilongwe, Malawi. I have been supported by LifeNets since I started my Career in the construction industry. I started schooling
Rhodrick Thungula
Rhodrick Thungula
at Lilongwe Technical College in 2007 where I've been studying Construction,of the City and Gilds of London. My work duties includes Designing and Drawing Construction working drawings, supervising construction works, calculating building quantities estimate. I use different computer packages for drawing and calculating estimates. 

        All through my education, I've been studying on campus as well as on sites as part of my career attachment and exposure.
        LifeNets has helped me cope up with life demands and standards,since I can now get a job easily and am recognized in the world of construction. I thank LifeNets and all those who are behind it for making it possible through this organisation, not forgetting those who are coordinating this program right here in Malawi especially right here in Lilongwe. At the moment am able to support my younger brothers who are still schooling and needs my support and my mother at home.
        I thank God and am not ashamed to say my future is brighter than ever before and my progression route is on my career is open. I'm the kind of person who desires to go further with studies and this has given me a good platform. I'm holding an advanced technician diploma in construction of the city and gilds of London Institute.
        Lastly I thank all LifeNets stakeholders for making it real, by the grace of God.
Wheelchair Update by Michael Kubik

        So far in 2010 we have had 34 matches and I would expect to have between 45 and 50 matches by the end of year based on current donation and request projections. 

Michael Kubik with Wheelchairs
Michael Kubik with newly donated wheelchairs

Matches came slowly in the first half of the year mostly due to the lack of donations, that has not been the case the last three months.  We had 14 donations in August, 15 in September, and 6 in October.  We have had the same amount of donations in the past three months as we had in the first seven months of the year. With the increase in donations, we expect to end with two very strong months.

While the numbers are not the same as 2009, we have received many heart warming emails thanking us for our service.

Here are several:

From a wheelchair recipient:
Mike, I was able to pickup the chair with my daughter on Saturday afternoon. We took the wrong turn off in downtown Chicago, and it was pretty hairy for awhile, but with the GPS that my daughter had we were able to turn ourselves around and get to Glenview, and get the chair. Tom's father-in-law died on Friday so it was sad. The chair will be greatly used believe you me. I am calling the doctors  this morning for my needed surgeries. I appreciate everything that your organization does for people like myself. May God bless you.

                                                                                                            - Patti

From a donor:
Thank you for listing the chairs on your site.  I live in Burleson Texas and a lady from Denison called me yesterday regarding her paraplegic sister.  (the man from Arlington never called me)  The lady wants the chair and she and her husband were willing to buy a new battery if needed.  The girls current chair arms are being held together by rubber bands.  Thank you for connecting me with someone in need, your site is wonderful.


Another recipient:
Stephanie called me last night (she was busy with Mothers Day) and we have arranged to pick up the chair tomorrow night. Thanks for all your help; now we can ALL attend my daughter's graduation in June.                                                                                                     - Mrs. S.

Helping in Haiti

       In the worst natural disaster to hit the Western Hemisphere, the Haiti earthquake of January 12, 2010 killed about 230,000, injured 300,000 and left more than 1,000,000 homeless.

        Whenever a disaster involving such losses strikes LifeNets is asked, "what are you doing to to help?" 

         LifeNets' primary mission is not disaster relief because we're not equipped to do such. We have, however, helped directly in the 911, Tsunami, and Katrina where we could knew of specific victims that we could help. Usually we direct donors to relief agencies such as Red Cross and the Salvation Army who help in that way. LifeNets mission is to help people get back on their feet and our policy is to help directly, not through another agency. 

         We did receive a few donations restricted for Haiti and decided to enquire if there was some way we could help directly. Haiti is a French-speaking area and there was no one we knew of personally who had suffered loss. There was no one in my United Church of God. 

        I turned to acquaintances in the Church of God (Seventh Day) and through my friend William Hicks, Director of Missions and the Disaster Relief Fund was able find out from how what they were doing.  In 2005 the Church of God (Seventh Day) helped LifeNets with a donation of more than $12,000 to rebuild in Sri Lanka after Tsunami.  See report.  He told me about a number of projects, one which was a rebuilding a school/church.  We told him that we would like to pass on our donation of $1000 for that.  He sent me an architectural drawing of the structure that they are wanting to build/rebuild.  You can read more about this story on our Website at  Below is a facade of the structure they are rebuilding.



LifeNets Board Meeting November 7, 2010

        At our last meeting items of business included discussion of budget for year 2011. Our revenue has been very steady and we are proceeding confidently for the coming year. 

LifeNets Board Meeting 11-8-2010
LifeNets Board of Directors

       Our largest single outlay for 2011 will be the construction costs of JohJan LifeNets School in Migori, Kenya.  That will be followed by our Developing Nations Scholarship Fund which has now grown to finance the scholarships of about 50 students around the world. 

        We really appreciate the support of our board of directors. In the photo from left:

Board members Don Turgeon, Cathy McClure, Beverly Kubik, chairman Tom Peine and secretary Sharon Swanson.  Other board members are Victor Kubik, Mark Rorem in San Francisco and Dr. John Wagner in Washington D.C.

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