LifeNets Help for Typhoon and Flooding in Kochi, Japan

Updated September 22, 2014

Please see the very nicely done thank you from Owen in Kochi, Japan who had damage to his restaurant. He is an American married to a Japanese. LifeNets Japan helped him and he was able to get back up and running. Japan is still experiencing strange weather that included lots of rain and typhoon conditions.


See background of the story below.

Posted August 9, 2014

On Sunday, August 3, a typhoon brought heavy rain to Shikoku, the fourth largest island that makes up the nation of Japan. This is where our LifeNets Japan director Yumi Yamamoto lives. She lives in the city of Kochi, about 550,000 population nthat suffered flooding, including some deaths. kochi flood

Yumi Yamamoto has been a good friend of our ours since 2002 and we have worked togther on relief projects. One was LifeNets helping earthquake and Tsunami victims in northern Japan near the Fukushima nuclear power plant. That story is told at

Dr. Yamamoto has also helped typhoon Hayan victims in the Philippines. A generous collection to acquire and send clothing to victims families in Leyte. That story is told at

There was money left over from that collection that will be used to help victims directly in Yumi's city of Kochi.

She writes:


Dr. Yumi Yamamoto

August 4 -

Dear Victor,

Hi from Yumi in Japan. Unfortunately there was a flood in my area, Kochi yesterday. At my place it was okay, but even in the middle of Kochi city many houses had damage. Only a few people were killed. But some house damage is big. I have one of my friend's friends. He is an American married to a Japanese. They just opened their cafe in July and had a flood in his place. I am thinking to help him. After the Philippines I still have some donated money.


You can read more about this storm in the Japan Times