Joseph Kakoma Kaputula Jr. Graduation – Zambia

Joseph is one of our LifeNets scholarship students.  Derrick and Cherry Pringle were at his graduation and write this report:

This last Friday, June 15, 2018. Cherry and I attended the graduation ceremony of Joseph Kaputula at the Mufulira College of Education.

It was a joyous occasion with a festival atmosphere. There were thousands of people.

Except for the graduates and dignitaries, the crowd had to sit on the ground without any shelter. We got there at 0900 and left at 1330 with the proceedings still ongoing.

I was pleased that I had brought my hat! Some guards brought two small tables to form a dismal barrier for crowd control of which Cherry and I promptly deposited ourselves upon so that we did not have to sit on the ground.

This was a combined ceremony with the Lusaka University. There were 1,536 graduates and of those, there were six distinctions who were immediately employed by the government. The total students were some 1,700 odd of which 200 failed. This was the 11th graduation ceremony of the college and the most successful.

I enjoyed a remark that one of the dignitaries said in his speech where he encouraged the graduates to continue a lifelong study which would keep their minds young!

Most graduates will apply to the government for employment but this could take a year or more before they are accepted or rejected.



From Joseph Kaputula:

Dear, Mr and Mrs D. Pringle,

We as a family we are highly humbled before God and you people to take this great opportunity
to inform you that, from the day you entered into our house, our life has been completely
charged, spiritually, economically hence we are living a happy family. I personally, am very
thankful to you all who have greatly contributed to my Education not to forget our president of
United Church of God Mr and Mrs V. Kubik and the Life Net organization. It's wasn't all that
easy for I and my family to find a needle in dark, may the Holly Might God bless you for the job
well done.

May God bless your family and your health so that you may not forget nor get tired in
helping my sisters and my brothers in Christ to access same quality of Education world wild. Am
so happy and proud of you to see how vigorously the church is growing in Zambia. Indeed you
deserve blessing each and every second of your life.

Henceforth, for this important role you have played to me, I will also do it to the orphans,
widowers, my brothers and sisters even the people who are really in need in and out of the
church more especially were Education is a concern. I will help them to my level best.

Above all, the big thanks go to God for giving us love, showing us his mercy, good health
and directing my father to know you and the Life Net organization hence we are able to see
the bright light today. I have nothing offer you for the great job you have to me and to my family,
but I dedicate you to the hands of God, in Jesus' name Amen.

Yours faithfully,

Joseph K. Kaputula