A Beautiful Gift from Caring People for LifeNets Projects

January 25, 2015

We received another beautiful shipment of hats and blankets from Renee Robertson and Ruth Chuprinko of Vancouver, Washington. They will be going on LifeNets and Good Works/Youth Corps projects for children. We REALLY appreciate this and thank Renee and her friends for this labor of love.

Bev Lisa Hats

Bev Kubik and Lisa Fenchel discussing latest gift of hats and blankets from Renee Robertson

October 28, 2014


Renee Robertson

We thank Renee Robertson who has just sent us a box of beautiful hats and blankets for children who are part of LifeNets projects.

She writes:

The hats and blankets were made with loving care for you and your children's warmth and wellbeing. Ruth Chuprinko and Renee Robertson are a mother/daughter team who live in Vancouver Washington USA. Ruth enjoys making quilts/hats, playing the piano, has two grandchildren and enjoys being a grandma. Renee is homeschooling her seven year old son, Carson, who is in third grade. She also enjoys making hats and other crafts in her spare time. It's a honor to be able to make these items for you."

These items were sent to us at the home office and will be sent on to Brazil and Guatemala in December on the youth corps projects.


Victor Kubik's assistant Diane Bailey showing off the items received


The boxes that contained donations of 37 soft goods inventoried as: 

Crocheted Hats: 



Sets for Children

Receiving blankets
Crocheted blankets
Onesie Suits
Boys blanket
Girls blanets
Childs quilt